Monday, May 22, 2017

The Story of the Sea Lion and the Little Girl Dressed in White

Here's a video of a Sea Lion dragging a little girl off a wharf into the water.

Sounds horrible...but wait.

The crowd of people are gawking at the Sea Lion bobbing up and down next to the wharf. They are feeding it. It bobs up to grab the food.

Then a little girl - dressed in white - and not much bigger than a large seagull, sits down RIGHT ON THE EDGE OF THE WHARF—where they've been feeding the Sea Lion.

The Sea Lion bobs up and grabs her white dress...and in an instant she's in the drink.

The Sea Lion apparently realizes she isn't a tasty gull, because he lets go immediately and disappears...while grandfather* leaps in and saves the girl.

And they both leave the wharf soaking wet, but unhurt.


Can not blame the Sea Lion, please?

I have a revolutionary idea:

Let's agree NOT to feed the wild life and then place your little children, dressed like food**, right in the feeding ground.



*We know the relationship based on translation of the post-rescue dialogue.

**Sea Lions grabbing and eating Seagulls. 

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