Friday, May 19, 2017

My Quote of the Day

"It is wasn't for White Men, the world would still be pre-industrial.

So every fucking "person of color" (and woman) who drives a car, uses a road, has a cell phone, uses a computer, hasn't died of polio or smallpox, has heating & air-conditioning in his home, wears "store-bought" clothes, reads a book or newspaper, shops online or at the "mall", uses birth control...

...has ever had surgery, or benefited from "western" medicine", owns anything or uses anything made of steel, aluminum, plastic, anything "machined", anything "processed"...

...and a million other things...

...had better get down on their knees and THANK WHITE MEN for their brilliant gifts to humanity.

And, by the way, your ENTIRE LIFE up until this moment has been "cultural appropriation".