Monday, May 08, 2017


So. What are we gonna do?

The Left is taking over the Western World.

Le Pen, the potential heroine and savior of France was defeated by white people who apparently no longer have a survival instinct. Europe is history...and everything it ever was, and ever hoped to be is being destroyed before our eyes.

And they don't seem to care, as long as there are hateful, murderous, vile , uncivilized savages among them—whose presence seems to make them feel morally superior to normal people for not defending themselves and their children against them.

One almost wishes the Neanderthals had won. Maybe they'd be a little more interested in survival.

In America, the Left will apparently do anything, no matter who it hurts, who it ruins, who it condemns, who it impoverishes, who it stop President Trump from following through on the promises he made to the American people who elected him.

To be a Leftist ("Liberal") is to be either Stupid, Evil or both. There is no other option. One cannot care about humans, animals, culture, civilization, law, fairness, hope, survival, goodness, decency, charity, love, faith...and practice Progressivism/Liberalism/Leftism.

It is impossible.

The wages of Liberalism/Leftism/Progressivism is DEATH.

That is all.

So the original question remains:  What are we gonna do?



  1. After the stories I have read of the banlieus in Paris, the "no-go" zones, and the horrors of the folks living in or near Calais, I thought Le Pen would win by a landslide.

    The two times we saved France's bacon (WWI and WWII), were a total waste of American lives. I'm from a French-Canadian family, with one great grandfather from Belgium (a Walloon - what use to be the French half of Belgium, and - sad to say - the EU owns Belgium now), but those cheese-eating surrender-monkeys in France deserve what they get. Unfortunately, it will speed up the destruction of Western Civilization in what use to be Europe.

    The NEXT time France cries for help, they need to hear crickets from America. Unless someone here has the balls to nuke France from orbit.

  2. I want to talk to some "average" Frenchman and hear his reasoning for this insane vote. What the hell is going on in the West, where survival is of negligible interest??