Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Redefining "Popularity"

Is it me?

I keep hearing Trump is "unpopular".

He just WON a national election.

How does that equal "unpopular".

I submit that winning an election is the very definition of "popular".

He won the majority of favorable votes in many, many more states than the Beast.

How does that qualify as "unpopular"?

Oh...wait...I see...'s the MEDIA reporting about his popularity.

And what they mean to say is that: "nobody among the fashionable liberal elite like him". 

Well, at least we're clear on their definition of "popular".

If the majority of people in the majority of States VOTES for you, you're "unpopular".

If a small coterie of ignoramuses from the MSM, Academia, Hollywood and the DC Cartel like're "popular".

Good to know.


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