Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Libertarianism Came Up. My Response...

I thought it was a great philosophy while I believed that the United States and it's Constitution were based on an IDEA...open to all...and not a Tribe.

But I have since realized that it was only the Western White European Culture that gave rise to the ideas enshrined in the Constitution...and that that matters.

This is not to say other races and creeds cannot be introduced to it and accept it, but it does mean that nationality, ethnicity, and yes, race, and especially CULTURE, matter and that all peoples from all over the world, are, in fact, NOT interested in living in our Nation as Founded. Witness so many who come here, and wish to change it into the countries that they fled.

Be careful of making the mistake of thinking that ALL people want to be FREE. They don't. They have to be EDUCATED into it. It doesn't, actually, come naturally.

Freedom is scary, and loaded with responsibility, chance, risk and danger. Most people would rather be safe than free.



  1. No cultural group can be educated into wanting to be free. The Whiskey Rebellion proved even the early US didn't want to be free. Perhaps 1% of humans ultimately want to be free. The rest want masters, and most of them pretend extraterrestrial aliens in the sky micromanage their lives.

    This 100:1 population ratio against freedom increases the performance requirements of self-defense gadgets, but that's just a military engineering problem. Consider the force multiplier ratio of bitcoin-type software which prevents the entrance of parasites.

  2. I think that's very well said, gun. In regard to having to teach freedom, I don't think people "want a master" with the implications of a master/slave relationship. I've seen polls where people say they'd prefer a "benevolent monarch" to elected government, but I honestly think that means "I'm too busy with my life to bother with researching my vote". People pretty much do what they have to.

    Instead of the phrase "people want to be free", substitute "people want to be left alone". It's true that there are people who say "somebody ought to do something" but seem to eventually realize that if the problem persists, they have to be that someone.

    If anything, people have been conditioned by our over regulated state to believe they can't do anything without permission. Their tendency to not do anything is Pavlovian.