Saturday, October 01, 2016

This is how we fix it ALL...

This is going to sound weird, but I've found the magic pill to fix everything that's wrong with America. Seriously. For Real. I have:

Destroy the Mainstream Media

That's it. Nothing else is necessary. End of problem.

This election has brought the problem with the media into sharp relief, and forced down my throat every time I listen, read or watch...the patently obvious fact that they are completely LYING.

I think we on the Right are all pretty clear at this point that they will do ANYTHING to damage Donald Trump, and ANYTHING to cover for the Hildabeast. And it's so blatant, so unapologetic, so "new normal", so masks-off, so in-our-faces that they've made me take a step back and look at the last 40 years (yes I am that old) of coverage, and realize that while for some of that time they tried to hide their biases and preferences and pretended to be "reporting the News" rather than editorializing, propagandizing and brainwashing, they've been in the tank for the Globalist Left for at least that long...and probably since Woodrow Wilson.

And it has been just about since then, that America has gone down the wrong path, and begun to unravel in all ways that matter.

Are the two things unrelated? They are not.

Do the American People actually approve of and support Globalism, Leftism, Communism, Socialism, Fascism and Izlamism?

Would they if they really knew what they are, what the they mean, what they do and to whom?

Or are they merely being sold a bill of goods every day by the Mainstream Media who does, in fact, support all those "isms", but has generally been smart enough to not advertise their preferences publicly?

If the "News Reporters" of the "Free Press"... tell us that Donald Trump is stupid, loud, obnoxious, rude, racist, has no respect for women, and is a big fat bankruptcy loser, how are voters to be blamed for believing it?

If the "News Reporters" of the "Free Press"... tell us that Hillary Clinton is a brilliant, experienced, seasoned, statesmanlike leader, who understands the issues, and has the firm, calm, controlled temperment to take on the stressful, demanding job of President, has The People's best interests at heart, is selfless, robustly healthy and a hard are citizens to be blamed for believing it?

MOST people in America get their news from the official players of the Mainstream Media, and they are being lied to every single day.

It is no wonder that they vote the way they do, electing criminals, fools, nincompoops and degenerates to offices of great prestige and power.

But I don't believe that most Americans want globalists, collectivists, criminals, liars, rapists, thieves, degenerates, idiots, halfwits or boneheads running the government. And I believe they would not vote for them if only they knew the truth about them.

I have always assumed that we had to convince people of their errors—of their belief system and in their illogical thinking. But I see now that the "error" is not theirs at all. They have been lied to.

If I only got my information from the 6 o'clock news, I'd likely believe what they believe. I might even be planning to vote for Hillary!

• • •

But isn't the ONLY purpose of the Constitutionally protected Free Press to "report the facts and nothing but the facts"?

In other words to...

 Tell. Us. The. Truth. 

??????? that we, as citizens, can be, and remain, the masters of the Federal Government, as spelled out by our Constitution?

Would most people have voted for Bill Clinton if the media had told the truth about the Arkansas scandals? No. Most people don't approve of cheating, stealing, and lying.

Even Democrats.

Would most people have voted for Bill Clinton if the media had told the real, complete truth about his "women" problems? And Hillary's reaction? No. Most people don't approve of cheating husbands, sexual predators and serial rapists— or blackmail, extortion and intimidation.

Even Democrats.

The media decided who they wanted to win, and created the "news" that would make it happen.

And they do it about EVERYTHING, not just elections.

Think about their coverage—just in the last few years— of:

1) Black Lives Matter Riots and Murders; calling them "protests".

2) Demonizing anyone who was against homosexual "marriage" without a whisper of any logical or sound reasons against it.

3) A Woman's RIGHT to murder her baby in utero...without a single picture or story from the murdered baby's point of view, or a single word from any advocate for them. Indeed, only demonizing them as anti-woman Christian Theocratic radicals.

4) "Rape Culture", "Racism", "White Privilege",  "Social Justice", "Global Warming"...need I go on?

5) Immigration - popularizing the idea that everyone has a right to come to America, and that the citizens of America are racists if they want some control over who enters their homeland to live among them and exploit benefits paid for by those very citizen taxpayers.

6) The refusal of the MSM to consider, recognize or admit (in public) that terrorism is in any way linked to izlam; and after every, single, terrorist attack, anywhere in the world, they spend much energy busily seeking and reporting alternate motives...and erroneous facts, when available and convenient, for as long as possible, in order to deflect the narrative away from the reality of izlamic terrorism.

7) The lie that "Palestinians" exist, and are being unfairly treated and oppressed by Israel, the big, mean, violent bogeyman of the Middle East.

Have you EVER heard a single story, or investigative report from the other side of any of these issues—fairly and objectively reported by the Mainstream Media?

• • •

But then something happened...

Turns out, when you get away with lies and cheating for years, you get sloppy. You get careless. You get arrogant. You become a bit of a swaggerer and braggart and a bully.

When you're used to the public obediently believing everything you say, just because you, the unimpeachable free press, say leads to hubris.

Hubris, which leads to inadvertantly exposing what you've been doing in the shadows all along.

Not just revealing it to the smart, attentive, curious and rebellious—but revealing it to the average citizens who just watch the nightly news to find out what's going on in the world—and are finding themselves shocked at all the cracks they're noticing in the crumbling facade of  "equal time" and "neutrality" and the "truth, honesty and fairness" they've been led to believe are the watchwords, principles and policies of the Media.

And they're starting to realize that they cannot trust the MSM to tell them the truth.

And many are seeking alternatives.

What better time to offer them...and create a truth telling media industry!

We need to figure out how to do this. All Americans need to start making decisions based on reality, not the fictions and fantasies we've been spoon fed for so long, which have led us to the brink of catastrophe and end of America.

As for me, I will no longer assume liberals are brainless, stupid, clueless, selfish, evil democrat voters who are hopelessly addicted to sick, greedy, sociopathic thinking.

(No matter how much the evidence so often seems to support that conclusion...)  :-)

Rather, I shall believe it likely that they simply have never heard the truth...and thus believe the LIE; and that reversing the process will change the way they think...and vote!

It is time to radically expose the MSM liars as the traitors they are...and save America.

(more later...)


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