Sunday, October 02, 2016

Say Goodbye "Conservative Movement"

Conservative Movement

"All it can do is worry over who is and who is not a "real conservative," which merely means who does and who does not let the self-appointed swamis of the Right do his thinking for him. Depending on the personal strength and success of the particular swamis that lead them, the cults of "movement conservatism" may flourish indefinitely, continue to publish their endless series of unreadable tracts and sermons to their own choirs, and actually meet the payrolls of their staffs, but no one—least of all the swamis in charge—ever expects to gain substantial power or take charge of the rudders of history."


Unfortunately, I can't find who said this. But it is exactly how I feel. The Conservative Movement exists to exist.  It talks, it writes, it lectures, it founds think-tanks & foundations to talk, write and lecture more. It pays itself.

And conserves nothing.

If it did, we would not have Barack Ă˜bama in the White House, or the power-mad, money-grubbing, lying, murderous, criminal, Hillary Clinton, as a serious contender for the same office.

I once wrote a rather well-received essay stating that America is not a piece of land, but an IDEA. And to some extent I still believe that. But it is not JUST an idea. It is an historically race-based Western culture, a tradition, a united people. It is a NATION...not just a collection of words that can be articulated from anywhere in Space.

And until "conservatives" understand that, they will never understand the power and the attraction and the essential righteousness of an "America First" Nationalist generating enthusiastic support from ...and uniting, The People.

The 'Conservative Movement" is nothing more than a collection of egghead, condescending scolds.

And I've had enough of them.


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  1. How sad that the goof ball that wrote the opening paragraph has no concept of what it means to be a conservative. The men that stood on Lexington Green, that bled at Bunker Hill, suffered through Valley Forge, rallied at Cowpens and emerged victorious at Yorktown, they were all conservatives. They had no swamis. They had no king but Jesus, something that the parlor conservatives would never understand and why the label "conservative" must now be besmirched.

    America's collision course with a bad outcome was finalized just over 4 decades ago. No one can stop it and conservatives understand this must play out. Like the byline of the movie AVP said, "whoever wins, we lose." Clinton or Trump, it won't matter and real conservatives know that and are preparing accordingly.