Sunday, October 02, 2016

MY comment of the day ...

If the MSM told the simple TRUTH, the current crop of democrats would almost never get elected.

The American people...even LIV...and regular Democratic voters, don't what liars, cheaters and thieves running the government.

It's just that they are LIED to, and led to believe the truth is a lie and the lies are the truth.

Hence the all too common results.

The only way to save America is to eliminate its worst enemy: The MSM.

The wild-eyed, globalist-left, true believers are just a tiny minority in America. That the majority of people vote with and for them is a testament to the power of the criminal, traitorous Mainstream Media, who are part of the anti-American Leftist Cartel.

America will not survive with such a "Ministry of Public Information and Propaganda". (hat tip Geobbels) controlling the narrative.


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