Thursday, October 27, 2016

Comment of the Day

"What this election highlighted for me was how the politicians view special interest money.

Most Politicians are lawyers and a lawyer by his very nature is paid to take a position and argue on behalf of the person who paid him (right or wrong).

So in the lawyer's mind he is not betraying his virtue by lying or misleading the voter. He considers himself virtuous by arguing on behalf of his clients (the special interest money who paid him). 

The voter is just a means to obtain office...

The real job is garnering special interest clients while in office and defending them as if they were their own private clients.

The lawyer's world view and training are not really compatible with the altruistic nature of a republican form of government (aka representing your voters).

We need more people elected who are not lawyers to counteract that world view."

By JQ Adams

@American Thinker

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