Thursday, September 15, 2016

What You Get When You Do What You Did

This  is a response to "Ashley" who in the comments section of a Breitbart article condescendingly insulted the person and mission of Mother Teresa, in accordance with the opinion of that great humanitarian, Christopher Hitchens.


The quotation referred to, which "Ashley" presents as evidence to prove her claim that Mother Teresa was a sociopath who actually imposed suffering on her patients, is this:

"There is something beautiful in seeing the poor accept their lot, to
suffer it like Christ’s Passion. The world gains much from their
suffering,” -Mother Teresa


By "The Messy Lunch":

"You present an arbitrary quote from Mother Teresa that is completely divorced from its original context and brandish it in a comments section as if you were some sort of revelatory force --some insightful detective shining the radiant light of your "Gotcha!" discovery for those you deem inferior to you. What insipid tomfoolery indeed.

In fact, you're the most garden-variety dullard imaginable, because (like most of your ilk) you haven't the capacity for critical thinking or objective comprehension. Moreover, you are grotesquely uninformed about your subject ... just like your intellectually palsied leader, Vanity Fair columnist and pseudo-intellectual Christopher Hitchens, who could never see very far beyond the gin-blossoms dotting his nose.

Also like Hitchens, you are an embittered, nihilistic, philosophically emaciated little dilettante. For you, scoring "imaginary" points with falsehoods in a comments section gives you the same sort of thrill that Hitchens's the sybarite achieved via sheer gluttony at one of his food and ilicit sex-fueled dinner parties.

Everything you said about Mother Teresa is a falsehood. Every link you provided to the dismally discreditable & neurotic Huffington Post BLOG (and elsewhere) is a laughable distortion.

Mother Teresa did not operate her order or attend to her flock alone. She was assisted by thousands of nuns and volunteers from all walks of life and spiritual backgrounds, all of whom rendered the exact same service to the poor.

That service was the immediate *alleviation* of the suffering of anyone she and her sisters/helpers could get their hands upon in the streets of the uncaring world. Period. Immediate alleviation. Immediate and constant cleaning, bathing, nursing, loving, comforting, medical treatment, rehabilitation, and longterm care for those who survived and desired it.

Always. So long as it could be managed. Her ministry likewise encompassed the establishment of orphanages, schools for adults and children, hospitals, adoption of unwanted children, and, indeed, homes for the dying --for those with only an hour, or perhaps a day to live. Have you ever bathed a terminally ill human being lifted from a cesspit ditch? Washed the maggots from their wounds, cleaned their bodies, gave them fresh linen, and a comforting smile that might enable them to die with dignity? Of course you have not.

Teresa's quote about the poor was taken out of context by you, who know nothing of the meaning of her words, nothing of her spirituality. She knew that the thousands upon thousands of destitutes living in the slums around her in Kolkata could not all be whisked into some middle-class existence as if by magic. Therefore she saw to immediate needs --needs of alleviation-- and yet had the goodness of heart to remark that she was inspired by how happy even the poorest of the poor could be in their squalor. How much joy even the most forgotten and marginalized of humans could show to others, despite their almost unfathomable circumstances in abject poverty.

She saw what you are unable to even countenance, for all your dime-store, brain-addled, bourgeois prattling: hope. She saw hope, and acted upon it.

You, "Ashley," are a dark and fetid stain upon this earth. You are a small-minded and deliberately deceptive degenerate--not content with the malfeasance of your own warped thinking, but frothing like a rabid dog to spread the disease of your willful ignorance. And you do it for pleasure, which, by the way, makes you a sadist. Although I am sure Mother Teresa herself would have kind words for you, I, however, am no saint, and do not feel thus obligated.

You are the willing adherent of a corpulent, disreputable liar (Hitchens) and your words are as meager as the intellect you are trying so desperately --and failing-- to burnish with tawdry falsehoods.

The intensive psychological/medical help you need is beyond my capacity to deliver, but I can set you straight about these matters, here and now, without rolling out of bed. Literally. My morning coffee is waiting and you're not worth another word, though you more than deserve the ones I've given you already, propped here against my pillow.

May you reap exactly what you sow, Ashley ... but I wouldn't want to be in your field around harvest-time."


I'm not necessarily a big fan of Mother Teresa, but I'm pretty sure her goal in life wasn't to cause pain and suffering to those she ministered to. I present this because of the beauty of the language, and the beautiful, summary dismissal of this little troll "Ashley", who swanned into the conversation, climbing up on several boxes and a rickety chair so she could look down her nose at the rest of the participants.



  1. Damn, that's a put-dwn-and-a-half.

  2. A real, "Wow, I wish I could write like that". Even with coffee.

  3. Agreed. Some powerful chops right there!