Friday, September 30, 2016

What This Election Has Exposed

The Coming Legitimacy Crisis

at Radix Journal.

The real enemy of America is what is laughingly called the "Free Press".

The Mainstream Media are, collectively, the single most dangerous force in America.

They have abandoned their mission—their Constitutionally Protected Mission—to inform the electorate of the TRUTH.

They have sided with the Devil instead; broadcasting, defending, refining the narrative of the most treacherous, dangerous, evil, slimy, smiling, villainous enemy of America who have now been clearly, finally and inarguably identified as the Globalist Left.

 It's seems crazy to most sane people that their goal is the dissolution of Western Civilization.

Who would do that? Who would want that?

Western Civilization is the greatest gift to the Earth since the planet was formed in the vacuum of space!

What lunatic would want to destroy it?

The Globalist Left are psychologically diseased with power-madness.

And Western Civilization prevents them from being able to control the whole world.

Shared principles
Dignity & Rights of Individuals

These are some of the things that unite the people of Western Civilization, and that have, in the past, made us impervious to the false seduction into the slavery of "Globalism".

But, a short study of that list will make it clear that each is—and has been for decades— under attack by the Enemies of the State.

It is only now, I think, that we understand their reason, motives, their end game.

And it is imperative that we unite to fight them.

And the FIRST thing we need, is a Press that tells the truth. Because if they did, we would never have got as far down this destructive road to perdition as we have.

Yes, it is the Globalist Left that is trying to destroy America (and the Western World). But their biggest and most powerful weapon is the Mainstream Media.

It's time we end them and reform, restore, rebuild a truly FREE PRESS in America.

And while the Internet has begun to grow a truly free press that challenges the Old Media...the Globalist Left, in the person of Barack Ă˜bama is giving that "People's Voice" to the very greedy, controlling Masters that desperately desire to silence us all.

The good news, is that there is a movement afoot to undermine this control. Continues here.

Let's always support FREEDOM and TRUTH...wherever we can!


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