Thursday, September 08, 2016

We SEE You!

Conservative Treehouse - you should definitely read it every day, has a great essay today about the the DC Uniparty Government corruption.

It graphically explains what we've all been pointing out: In spite of the overwhelming attacks on Trump...he's leading in the polls.

They're throwing everything at him...but the people see through their bullshit, and now, more than ever before, see the man behind the curtain and all his dirty deeds.

"Almost all of Hollywood, the music industry, the biggest social media owners/operators, the entirety of the U.S. legacy media, 99% of Wall Street, the entire apparatus of the DC professional apparatchik, K-Street, the entire consulting class, every grievance organization ever established, hundreds of millions, heck, billions, all of it…. ALL OF IT, targeting thermonuclear unidirectional fire at a single focus point, Donald Trump.

Yet, incredibly they’re having no more success than all the efforts that preceded them.
Stunningly remarkable.

Remarkable, until you recognize something they don’t.

The systemic corruption is so transparent, the scope of the rigged system is so completely visible (see Clinton), the various interest groups are now completely naked to their enemies.  And their enemy is “us”.

All of us.

And, almost comically, we are invisible to them."

Check it out.


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