Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Debate

The best analysis of the Presidential debate last night was presented as a comment to an American Thinker article. I present it in full, as he says it so perfectly there is virtually nothing for me to add:

"Confession: I did not watch the debate because I knew the outcome and did not want to see it unfold in real time. Knew Lester would be Hillary's servant. The white lady on the plantation had him trained well.

Knew Donald would be "spontaneous" (prepped as if this were another primary debate and not an animal of an entirely different stripe), knew she would be coiffed, canned, buffed, stuffed, propped, programmed, and smug with her superiority. Knew he would be walking on eggshells, careful to avoid validating the image the left has painted of him.

Therefore he would be hesitant to "go there" and come across as an unhinged bomb thrower. The left painted a caricature of him before he set one foot on the stage and he was crippled because he had that to overcome.

One more thing: she, in her debate years ago with Rick Lazio for the New York Senate seat played the helpless women victim card by portraying Lazio, a fine gentleman, as a sexist and a threat for daring to walk over to her podium and ask her to sign a pledge. She stood there playacting the part of a woman whose safety was momentarily threatened by a nasty man who was seen overpowering the space of a helpless female.

Don't for a moment think that tactic wasn't remembered by Trump who was trying not to give her that result so it could be trumpeted today all over social media and by the reptiles in the press. So Trump has had his baptism by fire. He got the lay of the land so to speak.

 The dynamics were noted and the rules of the game on display. If the RNC weren't sharing one brain amongst all of them, they would insist they have their OWN moderator at the next debate. Or at the very least, a co-moderator who will balance out the bias and the rank deceit. No debate takes place until that happens. Prince Reibus should be put on notice."

--by acidulous

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