Thursday, September 01, 2016

Start One of Your Own...

We, the People, are gathering. In all corners of the nation, from all walks of life, economic classes, religions, and races, we are coming together as Americans to defend traditional American Values, to honor and keep American Traditions and stand against a growing, intrusive Imperial State and a corrupt political class.

We know that the Founders' Republic of limited government, individual liberty, fiscal responsibility, a free market, and Constitutional rule of law has made The United States of America the greatest country in human history.

And we are determined to preserve America's greatness by restoring those principles and our Constitutional Republic.

We are dedicated to that mission.

We have realized that all the myriad problems we face in our country, especially those that threaten our liberties, are merely symptoms of a single fundamental problem: a huge, bloated, out-of-control, unconstitutional government. 

Whether the problem is bad schools, illegal immigration, confiscatory taxes, government bankruptcy, fiscal irresponsibility, violations of property rights, civil rights or Second Amendment is the direct result of government that is too big and too powerful; one that has exceeded its Constitutional mandate and legally enumerated powers: exactly the opposite of what our Founders established and precisely what they warned us against!

It's time We the People restore our Constitutional Republic with its Constitutionally Limited Government!

Our organization, like the Liberty movement itself, is growing faster than we ever expected. People, even in this Liberal mecca of the San Francisco peninsula, are awakening to the fact that our land and liberty, and the very American Idea are at stake in this epic battle between the forces of freedom and those of tyranny. 


Mission Statement


  1. I only hope that is true. One of the reasons I left California back in '95 was because only those few of us way up north (Siskiyou County) where I lived seemed to be interested in conservative principles. The "State of Jefferson" - a fictitious meld of the northern border of California with the conservative southern border of Oregon that was spoken of back before WWII - was never organized well enough to become anything other than a pipe dream.

    Let us hope there really _are_ enough people awakened to the destruction of moral values and what used to be the American way of life by the Left and big government come together in sufficient force to turn this country back around.

  2. I yield to the wisdom of our founders. Our constitution and republic are not suitable for an immoral people. People who recognize no higher authority than themselves now flail about for anyone that can save them from the subjugation of the elitists. It is laughable to believe you can have a good country without a good people. Big government is not the problem. Small, godless people are the problem and will elect dictator after dictator in the belief some person, not God, will save them.

    Is it sufficient cause to vote for Trump because Hilary is so bad? America, the most hated nation in history has run its course and it is done. Hilary or Trump, more alike than different are about a clear a sign as the Lord could send that America is done. I will tend to my yard, make my garden, buy my guns and ammunition and get ready for God's judgment. I left Illinois, thank God, and I am now in Alabama. We have our fakes here but not nearly as bad elsewhere. I expect to find more friends than enemies here. California? Too bad!