Monday, September 12, 2016

She's a Mess...Dragged into Her

She is out of control before she takes a single step toward the curb. She is being held upright by the woman on her left. and the concrete post at her back.

She wavers all over the place when it's time to step to the van, head going one way, body the other. She is incapable of walking at all.

Indeed, her knees buckle, she starts to go down, and she's more or less caught on the right side by a SS agent. She then gives way completely until her feet are bottom up, as she's dragged along the ground by her security who manhandle her into the car.

During the close up of her upturned feet in the last portion, you can also see something fall from her right pant leg. No serious speculation yet on what that might be...but it's peculiar.

When's the last time something dropped out of YOUR pant leg?

The Original YouTube is here. It's bigger... you can see it all more clearly.

UPDATE 9-12-16

Interesting speculation about the dropped item. It's been suggested that it dropped from her hand, not her pant leg. That it was a practiced maneuver by the SS: They gave her a metal object to hold. When she drops it because she's losing motor control, it makes noise as it hits the ground, so they know to rush to stop her from falling.

That way, they can stay visually focused on 360˚ security, but still react quickly if she needs help. A sound cue rather than a visual one.

Which, of course, implies that they are fully aware of her tendency to lose control of her body regularly enough to require such preventative measures.


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