Saturday, September 17, 2016

Reviews of Hillary

You have got  to read the Amazon reviews of Hillary's book, Stronger Together. 

They are hillaryous!

It warms the heart to see so many Americans with so much intelligence, humor and talent write what must be the funniest collection of reviews ever on Amazon, totally dissing Queen Hillary.

You can find them here.

Here's one...that isn't funny (most of them are intensely clever) but most informative:

HILLARY is for children... except for the little girl raped by Hillary's client--when asked about the case, Hillary laughed heartily at how she'd got the guilty man off.

HILLARY is for women...except for the dozen or so women raped by Bill Clinton that she deliberately denigrated and destroyed for daring to expose the truth about him.

HILLARY is for feminists...except she sells out women for Tens Of Millions Of Dollars from Islamic Governments that treat women like chattel and worse than their camels.

HILLARY is for supporting her staff... except for the Americans on her State Department staff, massacred on 9/11 in Benghazi.

HILLARY is for the truth... except for all the times she has lied to the American people to protect herself and her own interests.

HILLARY is for Gays & Lesbians... except for the Gays & Lesbians in Islamic countries where their Governments torture and kill them, all while buying her off for Tens Of Millions Of Dollars.

HILLARY is for putting America first... except for the Hundreds of Millions of dollars she received from Foreign Governments to put them first.

HILLARY is for transparency... except for the lies about Benghazi, the lies about her foundation, the lies about Whitewater, the lies about her illicit commodity trading, the lies about her secret private server, and the lies about the 33,000 emails she used the program, BleachBit to erase after they were subpoenaed by the FBI and Congress.

HILLARY is for Blacks and Jews, except that the anti-Black and anti-Jewish Grand Kleagle of the Klu Klux Klan, Robert Byrd, was her mentor, while disparaging Israel in favor of the Palestinian terrorist organizations, and she openly admires the well-known anti-Black racist eugenicist Margret Sanger who sought to ethnically cleanse the United States of Blacks through Planned Parenthood.

HILLARY is for standing up against Rich Wall St Bankers... except for the Rich Wall St Bankers at Goldman Sachs that buy her for $250,000.00 for a 30 minute speech and then she refuses to release the transcripts.

HILLARY is for all Americans... except for the 100 Million American deplorables that don't support her.

Good ammo for the inevitable conversation...


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