Monday, September 26, 2016

My "Racist" Plan to Get Blacks Off the Plantation

Watching with frustration the failing efforts of the Right to explain to blacks why the Democrats are bad for them, I've come up with a plan.

We've been going about this all wrong. We're banging our heads against a wall of corruption, lies, ignorance of history, and stupidity.

We need to be smarter...and use them, not fight them.

What we need to do is start agreeing with, and aggressively promoting all their pet positions and programs, but as White Racists.

In other words, we announce that we support and like them because they are so bad for black people!

Here's what I mean...

We need to explain in giddy detail why we support generational welfare, because we can have those "niggers right where we want them", under our control, unable to choose their own destiny, make their own decisions, create their own futures, because...

 Blacks dependent means blacks under our control. 
"It's the New Slavery...and we like it!"

We need to explain with delight why we support bad schools, because...  

 Ignorant blacks are easier to manipulate and control, 
"It's a kind of 'Intellectual' slavery...and we like it!"

We need to explain that we entirely understand and support riots, 
violence, property damage and looting in black "protests"...where they... 

 Destroy their own neighborhoods and then have to live in the wasteland they 
created, while we watch and laugh from our White Gated Communities.

We need to exclaim the wonders of abortion among blacks because if they keep killing off their little black babies...

Pretty soon they'll all die out, and we won't have to deal with them anymore, and...
Every racist White Person will celebrate when blacks are extinct in America!

We need to support and foster strict gun-control in Democrat-run cities, explaining that we like it when law-abiding blacks, especially children, are murdered by the hundreds every year by thugs who don't obey gun laws, and...

If they continue to kill each other off...the fewer of them will infect our society, and....
Every racist White Person will celebrate when blacks are extinct in America!


We need to demand segregation (like blacks are actually doing in colleges today!)...

But make sure to tell them it's because 
we don't want THEM infesting OUR spaces.

We should agree that they should not have to be subjected to the racist presence and of the POLICE, and demand that, to that purpose...

No Police or other emergency personnel shall be allowed to enter black areas, neighborhoods or segregated buildings, even if called.

- — - — - — -

You see....if WHITE RACISTS support and promote of all these things, maybe blacks will figure out and actually BELIEVE that these "liberal" policies are bad for them.

And wouldn't THAT be a good idea?
Let's face it, arguing in their best interests isn't working. It's time we tried another strategy.



  1. Works for me. Works with little children, and the caliber of the blacks who choose to riot, loot and vandalize their own neighborhoods is pretty much the same. In ability to reason, poor impulse control, answer to anything they don't like is a temper tantrum.

    The only differences from little children are the fact they never grow up, and the level of violence they bring to the dance. That is the game changer, and that is what cannot be tolerated. The "polar bear game" and the numerous cases of blacks burning whites - children, young adults, and the elderly - to death simply cannot be tolerated.

    If they don't turn it around - and I'm not certain that they even _can_ - it is going to end up looking like genocide. Not because whites want it that way, but simply because it wouldn't be safe to do any less. The only alternative is separation. The same with the muslims, who are actually an even greater problem, as, by definition, a muslim cannot be changed. Separation or extinction.

  2. Well the black fools in universities are demanding "segregated" they just might do it for us!