Saturday, September 17, 2016

Another One*...and a LINK! Who knew?

on September 17, 2016

Giving this 5 stars because I don't want to wind up as part of Killary's body count. First off, I did want the audio version but was disappointed that it wasn't compatible with my hidden earpiece but I thought to myself "What difference does it make" so imagine my delight when I opened the front cover and there was a personally signed "HRC" on top of a phlegm stain!
Best sections were:

Chapter 1: Technology in the new world order- How to setup your very own server for fun and profit in your basement, save money and avoid scrutiny (except from foreign hacking teams) by buying old blackberries off of ebay

Chapter 2: Information Security- Leave no trace behind of data under subpoena usIng nothing but hammers and bleach (bit). Learn how to recognize classified information in just 5 easy steps.

Chapter 3: Personal Financial Security- create a family foundation, profit from pay to play, enrich yourself, your loved ones, colleagues and friends. Learn how to go from dead broke to hundreds of millions overnight

Chapter 4: Legal advice- All about immunity, pleading the 5th, lawyering up, stealth meeting with justice dept officials and how to avoid prosecution by the FBI

Chapter 5: Health- Home remedies for common health issues such as Parkinsons, Dementia, Epilepsy, Allergies, Chronic cough, the flu heat stroke and Pneumonia. Create your own ER in your daughters apartment! Secrets of how to be contagious but not infect small children when hugging, kissing or playing with them. Learn the difference between prismatic lenses and anti-seizure lenses and what's best for you! Seven ways to disguise a personal neurologist to be part of your entourage. Rehydration secrets!! Insightful reviews on the best tasting lozenges. Oral hygiene basics such flossing fundamentals for removing female pubes from your teeth.

Chapter 6: How to make extra income in your spare time- make 6 figures in just 30 min for making speeches to Corporations, dictators, wealthy donors and more. Bonus info on how to keep any transcripts under wraps.

Chapter 7: Feminism my personal journey- Learn how to pander to the female voter while taking money from Sharia law nations at the same time

Chapter 8: Gun control- How to attack the 2nd amendment and avoid being called a hypocrite when you have full time armed security at tax payer expense.

Chapter 9: Carpet bagging for dummies- How to buy a home in Chappaqua, easily get elected Senator in a liberal democratic state, accomplish nothing but build credentials for a presidential run at the same time

Chapter 10: Womens health issues- Planned parenthood options in the event your loved one impregnates a vulnerable intern and you can't have her silenced or killed

Chapter 11: Meditation techniques- Hillary reveals her own personal mantras like " I am the Chosen one, Ommmm"

Chapter 12: Physical Fitness- Great workouts with simple equipment such deadlifting slabs of beef into a van to build a powerful back and quads.

Chapter 13: Voice control tricks- Quicky learn how to turn your native Arkancide accent on or off depending on who you are speaking to

Chapter 14: Home organization tips- The optimal way to box up stolen tax payer owned knicknacks, curios, paintings and furniture when leaving public office

Chapter 15: Cooking and Gardening- After reading this section you'll be able to identify the differences between Hummus, Humus and Hubris

Chapter 16: "The Art of the Steal"- Chronicles in loving prose Bill and Hill's journey from Arkansas to today

Chapter 17: Psychology- Savvy lessons on how to make the downtrodden believe they are dependent on the government teat instead of empowering them to better their lives. Plus the 5 best ways to best incite liberal guilt as well as how to best play the race/gender card. How to succesfully manage guilt and anger when you hate your security detail and they hate you too.

Chapter 18: Business- How to export American jobs and import cheap crap in return and how to cripple small business through high taxes, regulations and red tape. And a section called "The real reason why you should always hire trusted advisors for your criminal enterprises". I really enjoyed the content on how to set up underlings to work a paid public sector and private sector job at the same time while avoiding conflict of interest.

Chapter 19: Fashion- 9 ways to conceal your autoinjector and Depends inside your pantsuit. The best hair styles for hidden ear mikes. How to secure your footware in the event of falls, fainting spells or seizures.

Chapter 20: This chapter is blank, it looks like it was deleted by mistake

Chapter 21: Sorcery, Voodoo and Witchcraft, 100 everyday spells that you can use too- Lucifers secrets revealed to Hillary and now revealed to you too

I particularly enjoyed the bonus CD that had a world map highlighting the nations with the most vulnerable populations and handy tidbits such as the names of despotic rulers and estimates of their net worth secreted away in Swiss bank accounts, I don't believe I've ever seen those nuggets anywhere else so thank you!

I'd go on but you get the drift. Hillary, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom in this jewel of a book. You are a national treasure.
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*Review of Hillary Clinton's Book,  Stronger Together

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