Monday, August 22, 2016

Trump's Conversation with Hillary Clinton

by  Jim Mayer, commenter at Powerline 

* * *

Trump: Boy, the media's really tearing you up for 'That Scandal'.

Hilary: Lying about Colin Powell telling me to use a private server?

Trump - No, the other one.
Hilary: Lying about my Med Condition? The Parkinson's is so bad I wouldn't be caught dead holding a Press Conference.

Trump - Yeah, 260 days without a press conference! No, I mean the other one.
Hilary:  My leaking Top Secret info & got that Iranian Scientist executed?

Trump - No, no, the Other One.
Hilary: Saying TPP is Gold Standard then flipping 4 Politcal reasons?

Trump - Nah, you know, the other one.
Hilary:  Teaming with DNC to shut Bernie out of nomination?

Trump - Huh-uh, the other one.
Hilary:  1st and 2nd amend't threats; shutting Breitbart-type websites?

Trump - No, no, the other.
Hilary:  Hiding Failing Washington Bar Exam that 2/3 of class passed?

Trump - Nope, the other one.
Hilary:  Lying about NOT being a Lesbian?!?

Trump - OMG! No, actually, the other one.

Hilary:  Benghazi, 4 dead Americans, and Lying to their Families?

Trump - Negative, other one.
Hilary:  Me, the IRS, Clapper, and Holder all Lied to Congress?

Trump - Nah.

Hilary: Clinton Foundation Tax evasion, Hiring Cronies, bribes from Foreigners?

Trump - Nope, the other one.
Hilary:  Private server with Top Secret info so I can Lie about my activities?

Trump - Other one.

Hilary:  Arming Muslim Brotherhood and helping create ISIS?

Trump - No.

 Hilary:  Lying named after Sir Edmund Hillary-though I was 6 when he climbed Mt. Everest?

Trump - Negatory, Hillaritory.

Hilary:  Lying about landing in Bosnia under sniper fire?

Trump - Noop.

Hilary:  Lying about having immigrant grandparents?

Trump - Not.
Hilary:  Castle Grande, Cattle Futures, the Commodities deal?

Trump - Other.

 Hilary:  Vince Foster, and Lying about removing documents from his office?

Trump - Huh-uh

 Hilary:  My paid speeches to Wall St, and lying about scolding them?

Trump - Nada.

Hilary:  Rose Law Firm docs lies- then they pop up in WH Residence?

Trump - Nadia Comaneci.
Hilary:  Being fired after I got caught Lying to Watergate committee?"

Trump - Other.

Hilary:  Lying about the Military not getting their Votes counted?

Trump - Nope, the other one.
Hilary:  Lying and saying I accomplished something as Sec of State?

Trump - No, the other.

Hilary: Lying about turning our backs on Israel?

Trump - Negative.
Hilary:  Lying about the Treasonous Iran Nuke Deal?

Trump - N...

Hilary:  Lying about Leaving Iraq in chaos?

Trump - Not.
Hilary:  Lying about the massive voter fraud?

Trump - No, ma'am.

Hilary:  Lying about Sibelius shaking down Health Insurance Execs?

Trump - Nuh-uh.
Hilary:  Threatening Bill’s former babes to shut them the hell up?

Trump - No, no, no.

Hilary:  Lying about my Congenital, Pathetic, Pathological Lying?

Trump - No, You Know, the BIG One.

Hilary:  Whitewater, IRS targeting conservatives, Travelgate?

Trump - No, the Bigger one.

Hilary:  Drones being operated illegally in our own country?

Trump - Bigger.

Hilary:  Giving 123Tech $300M, Declared Bankrupt and sold to China?

Trump - Huh-uh, Biggerer.

Hilary:  Giving Solydra $500M, Declared Bankrupt and sold to China? 

Trump - Nah.

Hilary:  Body count of murdered or suicided people tied to us Clintons?

Trump - Nope, the other one.

Hilary:  The NSA monitoring phone calls, emails and everything?

Trump - Nopers.

Hilary:  Getting that pedophile off then Laughing My Ass off about it?

Trump - Negativo.

Hilary: Turning Libya into chaos? 

Trump - THAT'S IT! ........Just kidding, the other one.

Hilary: Trashing Mubarak, one of our few Muslim friends?

Trump - Negatory.

Hilary: The DOJ spying on the press, Going after Fox News?

Trump - Nupe.

Hilary: The NSA monitoring citizens?

Trump - Huh-uh.

Hilary: State Depart. interfere with IG Investigation on sex misconduct?

Trump - Nupesters, not that one.

Hilary: Stealing WH furn, silver and china, then forced to give it back?

Trump - Uh-uh, the oth.......


 ...this isn't then end of the list. He just got tired of typing...


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