Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Democrats: "Walls Don't Work!"

That blue thing there....yeah, it's called a WALL. A wall that the dhimmis built to protect themselves from any angry Bernie supporters that might storm the stage.

Apparently they look at WALLS like they look at GUNS.

They're useful, good and necessary to protect themselves. But the general public, American Citizens and Republicans have no right to them.

I'd like to say something mean and cutting and exposing of the Democrats, but I can't think of anything worse than the blatant hypocrisy, lies and bad behavior they themselves demonstrate on a daily basis right in front of God and everybody.

That our country has degenerated to the point that any of these people are considered potential "leaders" is enough to make one despair of America.

The depth and degree of their vileness cannot be measured, let alone exaggerated.

Nothing Trump could say, in his most outrageous stylings, could EQUAL the actual, real, true, in the flesh, horrors, crimes and foulness of these despicable vampires, who suck the life and truth and glory and love and substance from The People and the nation to satisfy their own insatiable appetite for money, status and power.

God, I hate 'em.


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