Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Trump is a Movement...

For those who think that Trump is a "democrat" and a "liberal",and that he is not sufficiently conservative to properly represent your pure conservative selves, here's my take on that. The"Conservative Movement" conservatives, as we know them, are entirely ineffectual.They talk, and lecture, and posture, and promise, and pose, and go alongwith whatever the Left wants. (Witness the "Tea Party" Congress under Ă˜bama.)

The "Conservatives" are afraid of the Left. They have accepted the Political Correctness that determines what can and cannot be said, what can and cannot be done, what can and cannot be thought.

They are terrified of being called Racist, or Sexist, or Nativist, or Nationalist, or "America Firsters", or Homophobes, or Islamophobes...

And the two people they hate most are Trump and Milo, who refuse to be Politically Correct, and insist on saying the Truth...the Truth that almost all Americans are thinking, but have been intimidated and bullied into keeping silent about—through all too real threats to their livelihoods and jobs and businesses!

Marxists, Collectivists, Progressives, BLM, Radical Feminists, LGBT, and all the rest of the SJW have had their way with American Culture and the American People for long enough...with the frightened, cowed, submissive, subjugated obedience of all those supposed brave and principled "Conservatives".

And Americans are SICK OF IT.

Trump is leading a MOVEMENT; a revolution of regular Americans against the forces of suppression, oppression, intimidation, humiliation, censorship, shaming....

....and they are Taking Their Country Back.

And if you don't get that, you have not been paying attention!

It's not about who's the most perfect "conservative"'s about who actually loves America and Americans, who wants to restore her and them, and who is willing say and do what's actually necessary to inspire the rest of us to believe and work to make it happen.
It's a new playing field. It's a new agenda. It's a whole new debate.

And the tired, boring, talky, pearl-clutching, tsk-tsk-ing, fainting "conservatives" will either figure it out and join us, or fade off into the sunset of a played out, losing, spineless ideology. Trump is the FIRST sally of an entirely new Movement, and an entirely new culture war. One we intend to win.

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