Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Comment on American Thinker, by ALDUS

"I am so tired of intellectual snobbery disguised as erudite learning.

I have had enough of the constant divide and conquer tactics of the Left; on race, on income, on gender, on ethnicity, on education. No, everything is NOT political.

I am fed up with fellow Americans who are always looking beyond the shores for something better, who completely agree with positive evolution everywhere and in all things – except when it comes to America.

I am sick to death of the winging, pearl-clutching finger-pointing of progressive do-nothings who seem to live in a permanent state of angst over everything American.

I have no time for the ‘fair share’ crowd whose specious haranguing is nothing more than venal covetousness.

I have no sympathy for the bloodied protester who respects no boundaries, invades the space of others, and shouts down opposing positions, all in the name of tolerance and safe space.

I have nothing but contempt for the politicians, educators and social engineers who cynically obfuscate truth, re-write history, and lie to children every day in order to further their agenda.

There. My daily rant is complete. Sadly, I’ll be repeating it tomorrow, and the next, and the next…maybe after January 2017 it will change. I remain ever-hopeful."

(Impossible to say it better. /gun)

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  1. With this guy I could be a ditto head!