Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Why Trump

Today we don't need a policy guy as President. 
We don't need a conservative icon. 
We need a guy willing to burn down the filthy Washington Cartel, and their corrupt power-mad, money grubbing political culture ON BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE!

We need an amateur, a newbie, a guy not tainted by the current disease of D.C. politics.

A guy not familiar with the "way things work", but only knows how they "ought to work" for the betterment of America.

Trump is not popular because fans and supporters think he's got the best detailed understanding and policy on the Federal Reserve. They think he's for whatever's best for America and Americans....whatever that ends up looking like once he figures it out.

And they trust that he means what he says and says what he means, and will do what he promises: To do whatever is necessary to Make America Great Again.

They're not so concerned, right at the moment, on details.

Because right now they're not the issue.

And the tight-sphinctered Republicans who think they are, are missing the point entirely.


  1. But can he make the trains run on time?

  2. Are you suggesting he's a fascist, because he's popular?

  3. He supports murdering babies, funding liberal politicians, pushing old ladies out of their homes if they get in his way, buys political favors, could care less about the Constitution, has a toilet mouth, is a skilled demagogue, egotist and elitist, and cannot win a majority of the Republican vote no less the conservative Democrat vote. Other than that, I have no problem with him admiring himself but I will never vote for anyone that thinks murdering babies is all right.

  4. Oh God...you're a Cruzbot.

    In point of fact, Trump is a successful businessman good at negotiating the roadblocks, rules, and regulations that corrupt, power-mad politicians throw up against them.

    He is big-hearted, generous, an obviously good father who raised VERY charming and demonstrably good children. He is acknowledged by many for his quiet generosity and kindness.

    He most particularly stated he is pro-life, but supports Planned Parenthood for all the other health services they render. (For the record, I don't agree with him about PP...but that doesn't make him a baby-killer)

    I was Pro-Choice for decades. I changed. So did he.

    As for..

    "...cannot win a majority of the Republican vote no less the conservative Democrat vote."

    Tony, he gets millions more votes than any other Republican candidate. How exactly does this logic work??

  5. Gunny, I'm a Constitution-bot and you should know better. The fact that you don't and have lost your senses saddens me tremendously. You want to elect a dictator, burn it all down and think that will work. Trump is just going to ignore Congress, the courts and the Constitution and you're fine with that. You wrote you don't want a "policy" person, then go on to praise Trump's Federal Reserve policy. Rage has gotten the best of you!

    Much of the Trump legend was invented by Trump and there is scant evidence to support it. Those stories were also told about Henry Ford virtually word for word.

    PP - there are plenty of alternatives to PP but they exist for one major reason - to murder innocent children. You can't choose which part of PP to support. It is entirely evil. Supporting PP is an accessory to murder.

    If I am a Cruzbot because I choose Cruz over Trump, what does that make you? A Trumpbot? What are you going to do when Trump nominates Chuckie Schumer or Nancy Pelosi to the Supreme Court? Or reappoints his dear old friend Hilary to State? Or starts cutting deals with the hacks in DC to satisfy his ego? Got to give him credit though - he knows his mob management principles.

    Trump is the best thing that ever happened to Hilary Clinton, way back when and now, and you prove it. Hilary would have been DOA following Obama but Trump revitalized her campaign. That's why the media wants Trump. Wait until the press steps in to the real election - Trump is dead meat far worse than anything they can do to Cruz.