Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Misunderstanding the Rules of the Game

I just read another editorial about how bad Trump is and how great Cruz is, and that if we don't elect the right person, it will be disastrous for America.

But that's bullshit.

The first problem with that opinion is that POLITICS is not the answer. It doesn't matter who you elect, no matter how pure their conservatism, no matter how honestly held their principles.

If the CULTURE demands Men-In-Women's-Bathrooms...that's what we'll get.

And by "culture" I mean the loudest, strongest, most persistent voices among The People.

The Right focuses on politics:  Electing the "right" people.

(They continue, for example to see the Reagan Presidency as the "glory days" when all was right with the world. But if Reagan changed so much and made such a difference in America, how is it possible that we have Barrack Øbama as president today, and the widely recognized criminal, power-mad, money-grubbing Hillary Clinton on the threshold of the office?)

The Left focuses on CULTURE...they essentially own academia, the media, entertainment, liberal religion, etc...and through them effect the changes they desire without ever winning an election.

When will we learn?

Stop focusing on elections and retail politics. As we spend time and money and effort electing "Tea Party" candidates to Congress, the Left marshals BLM  and Feminists and LGBT and Muslims, etc. to riot and demonstrate, and scream and accuse, and howl and humiliate, and intimidate, and coerce politicians and judges and businesses and churches and schools and clubs and unions... to accede to their demands.


Until we do, we are destined to continue losing our culture, our history, our traditions and our country.


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