Monday, March 21, 2016

Radical Leftist: Merrick Garland

 From a friend, who's an attorney:

"All one has to know about Judge Merrick Garland's lack of respect for the Constitution is his restrictive view of the Second Amendment and his disdain for its plain meaning and intent.

He is an exponent of administrative law – laws made by unelected people who are not accountable to anyone and administer and enforce what they promulgate and then sit in judgment on those against whom they choose to bring charges for violating their own interpretations of their own edicts.  For example, in sixteen major appellate cases in which the National Labor Relations Board was a party, Judge Garland was completely consistent and remarkably reliable -- he came down on the side of the NLRB each and every time.  In short, despite being touted as a moderate and his amiable and reasonable demeanor, he is a proponent of the regulatory state, an invariable ally of government regulators, and no friend of liberty.

Thus it is clear that President Obama has nominated Judge Garland as a statist to continue the accelerating expansion of the size and scope of government and the corresponding shrinkage of individual rights, responsibilities, and freedom.
And all we have to know about the GOP establishment is the readiness of its RINO and 'moderate' members (who never stand firm for anything but going along with 'progressives') to break ranks to support President Barrack Hussein Obama’s latest U.S. Supreme Court nominee."

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