Friday, December 18, 2015

The Simple Truth

10 Things Muslims Don’t Want Infidels Knowing About Islam

Thanks to the left, there are dangerous myths and propaganda that help to disguise Islam as a religion of peace. With the islamization of Western nations, there are claims about Islam that must be squashed, and it’s time for the infidels and kafirs to rise up and put to rest those Islamic lies once and for all.

1. Islam is not a race.

As ridiculous as it is to even have to address this, there are still ignorant apologists who can’t decipher ethnicity from ideology. Islam is a religion, but just because it is a religion does not mean it isn’t inherently violent. Although liberals claim that all religions are equal, Islam is not merely an individual faith. Rooted in conquest, Islam has its own set of laws, by which it must subjugate what it believes to be “lesser faiths.” However, unlike other religions, Muslims are commanded to live by and establish an Islamic government in every nation on earth. It is the religious duty of every Muslim to physically and politically fight to overthrow democracy in order to implement biased Sharia law. Not only must Muslims live under this medieval governance, it must rule over all minorities as well.

2. “Islam means peace,” doesn’t mean what you think it means.

The word Islam actually means “submission,” but when Muslims claim that Islam is all about peace, they wholly believe what they’re saying is true — but not in the way most of us think of peace. There are 109 verses that command violence against unbelievers in order to spread Islam, but the peace Muslims are talking about is believed to happen only after Islam conquers the world. Muslim believe that as long as there are unbelievers who refuse to submit to Islam, there cannot be peace. This is called Dar al-Harb, or “house of war.”

Through war, subjugation, and implementing world Sharia law, Muslims are promised that they will accomplish Dar al-Salam, or “house of peace.” So, when Muslims claim that Islam means peace, what they really mean is that if the world’s unbelievers would simply convert, die, or submit to living under Sharia, there would be world peace.

3. “Those violent scriptures only apply during times of war.” So, when is Islam at war?

As is stated in number 2, until a single Caliphate establishes Sharia law over the entire world, it is Dar al-Harb. This means that Muslims are and always have been at war with unbelievers, simply because the Quran states that those who refuse to submit are at war with Allah. This means that all those nasty scriptures that call for Muslims to “smite at their necks” and “slay the unbelievers” are in effect as we speak.

4. Muslims are allowed to lie in order to spread Islam, even denying their own faith.

Prophet Muhammad said that “war is deceit,” and Muslims have used deception ever since then to conquer and enslave. There are several instances throughout the Quran and Hadith in which Muhammad lied in order to slaughter his enemies, and even those with whom he held treaties. Muhammad taught his men to gain the trust of unbelievers in order to infiltrate their communities and overpower them. Through taqiyya, Muslims are allowed to use any type of deception at their discretion, even going as far as pretending to be an unbeliever in order to save their skin or further Islam. Perhaps this is the reason that Muslims are widely the victims of Islamic violence. It’s hard to tell who is the enemy when you’re allowed to emulate them.

5. Sorry atheists, Christians and Jews are the only minorities allowed to live under Sharia law.

As hellish of an existence it is to live under Sharia law, the “people of the book” are still allowed to live under Sharia law as long as they pay jizya and “feel themselves subdued.” This Quranic rule was implemented because Muhammad found that conquest could only bring in so much wealth. Understanding that Muslim invaders needed the innovations and labor of others, Allah made it so that his people could profit from Christians and Jews under their rule. However, atheists, Buddhists, Hindus, and any other religious minority are not given the choice of paying burdensome jizya under Islamic law. Instead, they are to be slain or forcibly converted. There’s no other option.

6. Muslims are forbidden from being your friend.

Although apologists claim it’s “islamophobic” to say that you can’t trust Muslims, the Quran is clear on how Muslims are to treat non-Muslims. Quran 5:80 states clearly that Muslims who truly befriend non-Muslims are considered infidels, and they will reside in hell with them. In short, if you want to be friends with unbelievers, you lost your salvation. So, why do Muslim sometimes cavort with non-Muslims? This all points back to taqiyya. In countries that went from democratic nations to Islamic states, non-Muslim civilians are shocked when their kind Muslim neighbors betray their friendship when the jihadists take over, selling them out as soon as they became the majority. Of course, there are certainly westernized Muslims who have non-Muslim friends, but like Allah says, you shouldn’t even consider them Islamic, for they have forfeited their souls to hell.

7. The vast majority of Muslims are, in fact, terrorists or supporters of terrorism.

Just because the majority isn’t sawing the heads off of Christians doesn’t meant they don’t support it. Sharia law is an implementation of the terrorist laws enforced by the warlord Muhammad, and as such, over 50 Muslim countries are governed by terror. In Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia, people are legally executed for blasphemy. In Egypt, Indonesia, Palestine, Sudan, Brunei, Qatar, and Morocco, Christian churches are torched, and members are martyred for their beliefs. In Iran, Yemen, Iraq, Mauritania, Somalia, and the UAE, homosexuality is punishable by death. Even in “moderate” Muslim nations, the same sentences issued by ISIS are part of the same legal system — Sharia law. Even as a growing minority, Muslims quickly become violent and demanding in their host nation, until they are powerful enough to overtake and implement the same Sharia law in the countries they fled. Still, any Muslim who reveres the Quran supports the terror it commands. If the majority of Muslims are against terrorism, why do they demand and implement a terrorist state in every nation they populate?

8. Islamic violence has nothing to do with culture.

Although many Muslims have been “westernized” and are adopting certain un-Islamic habits, the claim that Muslims in the Middle East are victims of a backwards culture is unfounded. If this was the case, Assyrian Christians, Messianic Jews, Yezidis, Hindus, and atheist apostates would be beheading, enslaving, raping, and conquering exactly like their Muslim neighbors. But they’re not. Instead, these minorities are being led like lambs to their slaughter because of Islamic legislation consistant in every Muslim country. In the birthplace of Islam, Muslims haven’t changed much since the time of their prophet 1,400 years ago.

9. Muslim don’t have to conquer by the sword.

As successful as Muhammad was at butchering peaceful tribes and stealing their wealth and women, he proved that there are other ways to force nations to submit to Islam.

Muhammad called his people to overtake through hijrah, or Islamic immigration. Either by migrating legally, illegally, or as refugees, Muslims can easily overwhelm an accepting, tolerant Western nation. Not only that, but out-populating, forcing conversion, and encouraging conversion play a major role in creating a Sharia state. Muslims are called to marry Western women and spread Islam through the fruit of their wombs.

With growing generations of Muslims, a nation is much more easily swayed to adopt Sharia law. Of course, if this doesn’t work, there is always Islamic violence.

10. There is still hope for Muslims.
Muslims are leaving Islam in droves, all thanks to the brutal propaganda of groups like ISIS. Many apostates claim the moment they left Islam was when they found out what is in their Quran and Hadith. Many Muslims in Islamic countries are illiterate or uneducated. They do not own Qurans and rely on their imams to spoon-feed them information about their god and prophet. However, with the brutality committed by ISIS matched up with justifying scriptures, Muslims are finding that their religion is deeply flawed. Freedom and love are powerful ideals, so powerful that it is empowering Islamists to risk life and limb to leave their ideology behind. The more we spread this information, the more likely Muslims are to open their eyes to the warring, pedophile prophet they are called to model.


Postscript:  Problem with #4, how does one know they've really left Islam?


  1. Two comments: one is that muslims lie by another method besides taqiyya. It is called "kitman", and it is using half-truths, leaving out the "unsavory" parts of the story. For example, when muslims say the qur'an commands them to be charitable, they leave out the fact that charity is only to be given to other muslims. Never to infidels. Almost _all_ of the parts of the qur'an and hadith which sound acceptable and honorable are actually only to be applied to other muslims.

    The other is that even some of the apostates who have "left" islam, still identify as muslims. This is because there are those parts of the qur'an and hadith they don't want to part with - like forcing their wives to submit to any demand they want to make of them, beating them or otherwise abusing them if they refuse. Like "honor killing" their daughters if they turn "Western" in their clothing or behavior and "dishonor" the father, the family.

    These muslims don't even realize what they do is wrong, because islam teaches them this is how they are supposed to behave. So, since they aren't killing infidels, and wave at their neighbors and work in the same building, act as if they hate what ISIS is doing (mostly they don't really care), they feel like they can't be accused of being bad like ISIS and terrorists. But, they still consider themselves muslim, and will act as such.

    Yes, I am sure some have turned completely away from islam, but if that is true, they should have no problem calling themselves non-muslim, too. islam is not a race, and muslim is not a race either. If they are honestly moving away from islam, they need to move away from calling themselves muslim.

    Maybe they could start calling themselves Americans. I'm willing to believe there really are some former muslims willing to do just that, now that they have come to America and seen how it can be for them. If they prove to be sincere, I'd be willing to have them for neighbors, too.

  2. I neglected to say that it really is an excellent list.

    I am not paranoid enough to believe there are no muslim converts to "Americanism" (if I may use that term), even as blood-thirsty as I sound where (true) muslims are concerned. But as you said, _knowing_ who can be trusted would be extremely difficult. I certainly wouldn't stop carrying a gun anywhere near any of them, no matter how agreeable they seemed to be.

  3. Thanks for the addition above, and I could not agree with you more about extreme caution re muslims until they have PROVEN themselves (whatever that means!) to be Americans FIRST.

    And by the way, you don't sound "Blood-thirsty" just reasonable, sensible and realistic.