Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Vanity = Clinton; Fair = Lewinsky

Regarding all the discussion of the Vanity Fair piece, Shame and Survival, by Monica is a comment by valwayne that pretty much sums up the character of the Left/Democrats/Liberals/Progressives:

You have to admire the sheer gall of Obama and the democrats trying to corral the votes of women with their phony war on women nonsense.

Monica Lewinsky was an employee of the White House and Bill Clinton whom he took advantage of and abused sexually for his own gratification in the oval office.  She says it was consensual, but she was a silly, very young, inexperienced, powerless employee of the man who held the most powerful political office in the world.

Bill Clinton was the most  powerful man in the world, and an experienced serial cheater and sexual predator who has been accused of rape, settled a sexual harassment claim from the time he was Governor, and who was publicly accused of groping a female White House visitor, among other things.  Clinton counted on Lewinsky's awe and infatuation and played it perfectly exactly the way sexual predators know how to do.

When he was caught he behaved like a sexual predator.  He LIED and covered up until there was  undeniable proof.  Then he brazened it out, also the hallmark of a sexual predator, and he, the democrats, and Hillary all engaged in turning Ms Lewinsky into a joke and an object of ridicule.  Clinton is now the elder statesman and the toast of the democratic party.  A sexual predator who destroyed the life of a young female employee whom he had sexually abused.

The democrats celebrate him, and JOKE about and scorn his victim.  War on Women?  The party that puts itself forward as the guardian of women rights celebrates as their most admired and popular leader an unrepentant sexual  predator, and publicly jokes about and scorns his victim.

We all remember the fact that President Clinton working with a totally Republican Congress continued the Reagan era of high economic and job growth and actually gave us a budget surplus.  Given the utter disaster of 6 years of Obama its easy to see why we look back so fondly.

Its good however to remember what else Bill Clinton did and the ghastly behavior of his party toward a real woman.  Ghastly behavior that persist to this day.

The despicable Clintons and reprehensible Liberals in a nutshell. Don't expect anything more civilized from them Ever.

The Gunslinger

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