Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Fascism Right Here, Right Now

From American Spectator:

In his classic Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis, the Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises notes this of the Left. They are:
 …utterly…intolerant zealots…they entirely disregard the possibility that there could arise disagreement with regard to the question of what is right and expedient and what is not. They advocate enlightened despotism…convinced that the enlightened despot will in every detail comply with their own opinion…They are utterly intolerant and are not prepared to allow any discussion. Every advocate (of the Left) ….is a potential dictator. What he plans is to deprive all other men of all their rights, and to establish his own and his friends’ unrestricted omnipotence. He refuses to convince his fellow citizens. He prefers to ‘liquidate’ them. He scorns the ‘bourgeois’ society that worships law and legal procedure. He himself worships violence and bloodshed.
Von Mises is short and sweet about all of this. This is fascism. The “principle of dictatorial oppression of all dissenters.”

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I have said in this space that all committed Progressives/Liberals are incipient mass murderers.  Nice to know I'm not alone in that opinion.

When I say such things to those my friend calls "NORMALS", they're either shocked or amused. But they don't take me seriously.

But we've been warned of this very thing for decades...and the worst case scenario is rapidly coming true.

While it is nice to be in such lofty company as Von Mises and the American Spectator....I'm distressed that there are so few of us who recognize that we are slowly being surrounded by the enemy.

The Gunslinger

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