Monday, March 31, 2014

Øbama's Life Before Poltics

Øbama's Father = Anti Colonialist
Øbama's Mother = Communist
Øbama's Grandmother = Communist
Øbama's Grandfather = Communist
Øbama's Mentor = Communist
Øbama's Pastor = Black Liberation Theologist
Øbama's Ghost Writer = Terrorist

How could he possibly share our American ideals?

How could he possibly appreciate freedom, capitalism, or individuality?

The election of this reprobate to the presidency proves that the Founders were right to limit the franchise to people who had a stake in the game, who paid attention because they had real life things to lose if they didn't.

Now the riff-raff votes for criminals like Øbama, Pelosi, Reid, Boxer, et al.,  who promise to steal money from the producers and the hard workers and give it to them.

Problem is..."sooner of later, you run out of other people's money*."

Nobody seems to remember that what you subsidize, you get more of; what you tax, you get less of.

Tax industriousness and independence, and you get less of it. Subsidize shiftlessness and out-of-wedlock births, for instance, and you get MORE of it.

And doesn't that just create a swell culture.


*M. Thatcher (more or less)


  1. I don't think the elitists ever wanted a "swell culture". Sociopathic elitists become politicians or serial killers. As long as they live well, indulge their pleasures and have secured their position, everything else is just a matter of practicing good animal husbandry. The masses are livestock, troublesome to be sure, but of no importance. They are to be controlled. Some will cook, others will clean, take care of your pool, grow your food, detail your car, do your landscaping, make your gadgets, bottle your wine or die from suffocation while being raped and strangled. Now that to an elitist is a "swell culture".

  2. I was talking about my opinion of culture, of course.

    I entirely agree with you. I used that word "sociopath" just the other day about the same group of people.

    I don't even think you're exaggerating. That's exactly the sort of people they are.

    I can only wonder what "americans" will do....submit, or fight.

  3. You; like most seem to miss the most essential point. Obama was placed in power with the full knowledge and consent of EVERYONE in the United States Supreme Court , The US Senate , The Joint Chiefs of Staff and ALL of the secret police and "Intel" agency's . ALL of the "key players" knew EXACTLY who this man was and what he and his supporters planed to do before any of us heard his name for the first time. Like Bill Clinton he was placed in office not only to advance the agenda, but to make himself and his wife so hated that conservative's Christians and "Gunnies" would RUN to the polls and vote for "ANYONE ELSE" just like they did for that NAZI SOB Bush. And how much would you bet the next guy's name is Bush? You watch the next "Carination" ; by the end of 2017 we'll see an end to elections and the enforcement of every provision of the patriot act the NDAA and every anti-gun law the Republican's ever came up with (the "Clinton gun ban" was written by the Bush I white house. Bush I also ordered Ruby Ridge AND Waco . HE was the most anti-gun president in our history. In fact every Anti-freedom law written over the last 40 years came from the desk of the same guy; Dick Chaney)--Ray

    1. yep, someone needs to take that guy bird-hunting

    2. Not sure we miss the point. Seems like you might have missed mine:

      Government's full of sociopathic scumbags.

      You're obviously a democrat....sorry to hurt your feelings, there, Sparky.

  4. a seperate direction of Zeroes past and culture should probably include mention of the cult of Subud ...

  5. NO I'm NOT a Replirat OR a dumoscum I' saying that there is no legitimate government. ALL democrats are sub human scum , ALL republicans are sub human scum. There is only one political party in the US--- POWER . I pointed out Dick the prick because he has been in the whitehouse or pentagam pulling the strings of power since 1972.The fact that his evil little brain( or his butt boys) came up with all the anti-gun / anti-drug /anti-freedom laws enacted by both party's for over forty years makes ME a DEMOCRAT??? HAHAHAHA. Both party's have worked to enslave us all of our lives . Anyone that supports ether party in any way is an IDIOT. ALL "government" is evil, And the Obamas , Bushes Clintons the courts the congress the feds and the spooks, follow the script and do as they are told. Because if they DON'T they know they will wind up in an open car in Dallas. That's the deal each and every one of them have made , in every branch of government for 50 years. I don't know who is in charge ; but I know who isn't ---US..---- "Sparky"

  6. I agree "All government is evil". But I don't think the Obamas and Bushes and Clintons and Carters do what they are told. They all part of the team. They are the sort of people who want to "rule" others, or they wouldn't be in government. They didn't run to "make things better". They ran for the Money, Status, and Power that being in this sort of government gives them.

    They are all part of the problem. The Legislative branch, the Executive branch and the Judicial branch are all just arms of the new Central Government. And they will not reform themselves, or each other. It's way too sweet a gig for any of them to change it from the inside.

    That's gonna be up to us.

    The question is, what are we going to do about it? soon as someone starts with the Cheney bashing, I just assume it's a leftist progressive bad.