Friday, February 28, 2014

Nice Description of the Tea Party...

"It is not an organized party. It is a disorganized collection of like-minded people - many of whom are Democrats (or former Democrats) - who have come to realize that our country carries too much debt. It sprang spontaneously into existence after a rant by Rick Santelli. It has no members, no dues, no by-laws, no party platform. It is uniformly hated by all liberals, all Democrats, and by about 50% of Republicans.

Whereas throughout the history of man politics has been the organization of plunder, the TEA Party is unique in its message: STOP THE PLUNDER!"

~comment by SupremeGalooty at American Thinker


  1. no mention was made of the borderline sedition, the attempt to undermine our creditability with the global community and the lack of faith In America and Americans. Other than that, it is an OK definition.

    1. You're talking about Obama, right?

  2. A couple of years ago, some business analyst ran a story about the Tea party being a starfish organization. No central head, no central leadership. A true grassroots, bottom-up organization. The organization does what the members want, not the other way around.

    Then Tea Party patriots, Tea Party express and a couple of other groups spun up to fill the void and become the leadership. I haven't supported any of those group because I like to think of it (us?) as that bottom-up organization.