Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Destroying Us

The Destruction of the People at "Theden" is the perfect articulation of what is happening to America....even though it is written by German center-right political activist Manfred Kleine-Hartlage, about Germany.

Here's a sample:

In wanting and introducing a multi-ethnic state, society is put in the state of an (at least) latent civil war. In running this, the society falls into a permanent structural crisis that is constantly reinforced with progressive mass immigration, which stirs up conflicts, encourages vigilantism, destroys the social consensus of values, and destroys the conditions of social peace. He who teaches his own children peacefulness does so because of ethical values ultimately rooted in Christianity. Then forcing the thus peacefully behaved people to live together with others who come from cultures married to violence—such as that Nigerian—makes them specifically and systematically victimized. This invites an endless liability.

The 7500 Germans since 1990 who have become victims of immigrant violence are victims of a policy daring enough to destroy society: out of ideological blindness; out of greed for cheap, easily exploitable labor, whose situation is precarious at the same time, for the welfare state will collapse at the point of exhaustion (this one also a quite desirable result of mass immigration for certain circles); out of hatred for his own people, those damn Germans they want nothing to do with; and—not the least—out of lust for power. There is a reason why there are elites in all Western countries who carry out the destruction of peoples and their transformation into mere splintered “populations”: peoples are in fact solidarities that can also kick their rulers out. The battle cry with which the rule of the SED [the Soviet-installed Socialist ruling party of East Germany] was overthrown 23 years ago did not read “We are the population.” It read: “We are the people!” A mere population, consisting of dozens of warring ethnicities, will never overthrow the ruler. They cannot. A democracy needs its demos. A despotism on the other hand, a dictatorship, a totalitarian regime—yes, such a thing needs a population.

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  1. This is really a profound piece - thanks for posting.

    The root cause of the diversity, seeking out immigrants from muslim states in Germany's case and Mexican immigrants in our case, is socialism. The powers in charge need population growth to increase taxes and the birth rate of Western countries is too low. They've never learned that if you abort your population, you need to import replacements from somewhere. Since evidence and actual science mean nothing to the left, the evidence that it stresses cultures to the breaking point doesn't mean anything.

    Silicon Graybeard @ work