Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Feel Good Moment in a Very Bad Year

From D.C. Clothesline

Democrat Voters Confused: “I Didn’t Realize I Would Be The One Who Was Going to Pay For It Personally”

Cindy Vinson: Typical, stupid, short-sighted, clueless liberal who figured somebody else would have to pay for this "personally"... got exactly what she deserves.

If there's a bright side to Øbamacare, it's watching the Liberals choke on it. 

Apparently Mac Slavo, the writer feels the same:

Socialism is an awesome idea, isn’t it?

Until it’s you who has to foot the bill.

Ms. Vinson wanted hard working Americans to feel the pain, to give up their life’s work for equal wealth distribution, and she voted to force these mandates on unwilling Americans at the barrel of a gun.

Who’s in front of the barrel now, Ms. Vinson?

You, and the rest of the 50 million people who elected Barack Obama to not one, but two terms, deserve the pain that’s coming.

You asked for it. Now bask in it.


  1. The problem is that while Ms Vinson deserves what she's getting and will pay dearly for it, so will the rest of us who didn't vote for him and tried desperately to prevent the pain that's coming.

  2. I know Graybeard. We all know. It's just nice to watch one of the morons come to realization too. It's doesn't make anything better. It's just fun to watch. Better that than suffering without any vindictive pleasure at all.

    1. Oh, I'm with you! Sometimes a little schadenfreude can brighten the day.

    2. I love that word, and what it means. I just can never remember how to spell it.