Wednesday, March 06, 2013

To God's Ears

Again, just a little good news on a semi-almost-threateningly rainy morning here in Re-Education Camp California.

An article in The American Spectator entitled: The Coming Øbama Crackup

"Just the other day at lunch, a friend of mine, a businessman with good connections across the country, recounted a conversation he had with a Democratic insider while Obama was in the midst of his first presidential race. “It’ll take the American people five years,” said the insider, “to realize what Obama’s really about and what he’s really like.” Then, presumably, the public would catch on to his manifold defects.

That bit of insight from the insider came nearly five years ago. As my friend said, we may now be seeing the first cracks in Obama’s façade. The first signs of ultimate backlash may now be appearing. Obama is no Kwisatz Haderach. The sandworm may indeed turn against him."

This made even my diet breakfast taste better.


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