Friday, March 01, 2013

Quotes of the Day

"A failure to believe in Absolute Truth is, by definition, denial of moral reality. And to tolerate people so delusional in control of government, the media, and academia is to allow the transformation of your land into a mental asylum writ large." - Selwyn Duke

"Liberalism is what evil is masquerading as in our time" - ibid


The first is where we find ourselves today, is it not?

And the second is a grim, bleak epiphany. I have believed the same for some time, but do not have the eloquence to state it so poetically. It is the great truth that Republicans, conservatives, Christians, patriots all fail to recognize.

They all imagine we are arguing/differing with fellow-citizens who have the best interests of our country at heart, but just differ on the path to prosperity and happiness.

But it is not true. Liberals/Progressives are evil-doers.

They are the orcs and trolls of Mordor in a different shape, with a different our time.




  1. I beg to differ on just one point Gunny. I do think Christians in particular recognize liberalism for the evil it is and was prophesized - "as it was in the time of Noah." I am not talking about watered down Religiotainment church Christians, but the genuine, Bible believing article. We see what liberals write; the hatred, the vitriol, the threats, the profanity and the contempt they express for common decency. It's not just evil, it is demonic.

    But it is here, it was predicted and it will be vanquished, but not before things get much worse than they are now.

  2. Tru...I'm happy to stand corrected. I just have not heard much along those lines, myself. Too many Christians I know seem to conflate Jesus' teachings with Marxism: "Liberation Theology", etc. And the local parish priest is an outspoken liberal. Typical. Living in the Belly of the Beast, it's no surprise I'm surrounded by the enemy. I often forget that in other places, things are not quite as bleak.