Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Just a partial list...

After 4 Years as President
2 Years of Campaigning
6 Weeks in the U.S. Senate
3 Books entitled "I'm a Marxist who hates this Country"
and a life Story that's right out of Central Casting and every Satanic End of Times Movie that's ever been made...

After NOT taking Matching Funds in 2008
and NOT Televising the Healthcare Debate on CSpan
and NOT putting all New Legislation up on the Web for 72 hours
and NOT Ending Earmarks
and NOT refusing to sign anything that would add "One Thin Dime to the Deficit"...

After Forged Documents
Illegal Drilling Moratoriums
Killing the XL Pipeline
Fast and Furious
and a Month of "The Video did it"...

Can we all agree that the Dark Presence* in the White House is an evil liar?



 *Re: his Malevolent Nature...not his skin color.

Creative Plagiarism of TLP comment

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  1. Isn't it obvious? So yeah, I agree...