Friday, March 01, 2013

"If We Make it Smaller, It'll be Bigger"

Okay. Get ready. I'm about to hit you with Proglodyte thinking:

California has decided to raise the gasoline tax starting in July.

The reason is (ahem):

People are driving less because gasoline is so expensive, therefore tax revenues are going down, which is anathema to the looters: Their booty has decreased.

So...the Proglodytes' answer is to RAISE GASOLINE PRICES by increasing taxes at the pump.

Please, just think about that for a minute.

Now tell me these people are not re-fucking-tarded.


P.S. And, can I just ask who this hurts most? Oh my, whadd'ya know. The Poor. Those darlings of the Left...or at least those they pretend to care about as they bind them in chains to imprison them forever on the dependency plantation.

Cigarettes, gas, booze, food.

Can they possibly be more regressive?

And they claim to hate the rich.


  1. "as they bind them in chains to imprison them forever on the dependency plantation"

    This is absolute poetry.



  2. I just found this so pardon my belated comment but with liberals, nothing is the way it appears. If you remember one simple fact, all liberal thinking is comprehensible. Liberals are elitist. All thinking stems from that. They are apart from and above the masses.

    One purpose of any tax is to stop people from using things liberals do not approve or wish to reserve for themselves or both. High taxes reduce demand further reducing tax revenue. Liberals know this so what is their angle? The masses should be using public transportation and only the elite should be using private automobiles. Only the elite should consume gasoline and use the highways.

    This is not just true of gasoline but for every tax since all taxes end up in the cost of things we buy. The environmental goddess has decreed consumption is a problem, hence anything that reduces consumption by the mindless, stupid and insensitive "lower classes" is good, including higher taxes. Of course, consumption by the elite is good since they are few and do good things with what they consume. And besides, since they are the "elite", they should have some things other people should not have, like uncongested roads.