Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Islam Honestly Described

We [at the Danish Free Press Society] have made no bones about the fact that we consider Islam  --  as it is presently being preached by all influential clerics and ideologues  --  a deadly threat to all our freedoms among which is freedom of expression. For this consistent stance we have been vilified and called every name in the book, but we will not budge. I'm aware that some of my friends think that Islam can be reformed, domesticated, and civilized. I welcome that day, but must relate to the fact that it hasn't happened yet  --  though Muslims have had 1,400 years to complete the project.
In this country one is able to without the slightest risk stand up and pronounce that of course Sharia [Islamic law] will be introduced with everything that it implies in terms of barbaric punishment and repression. One can also, without anyone touching a single hair on one's head, state that immoral women must have stones thrown at their heads until they die, and that Muslims who turn their back on Islam of course must be killed. But if you say or write that this is what Islam is all about then you are guaranteed to be accused of racism, risk criminal prosecution, and -- as we have just witnessed -- attempted murder.

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