Friday, May 28, 2010

The Consistent Argument against the Perpetual Enemy

This was made the year I was born. And nothing needs to be changed to apply it to what's happening today. The same scumbags have been trying to steal our freedom and our human dignity for at least 100 years. And "John Q. Public" known best as a Tea Party Patriot is once again the one that sees the danger and is shouting "STOP!"


  1. I've always liked that one - nails it well.

    Speaking of nailing it, idoitroll said " really 64 years ..."

    it was nice of the troll to demonstrate that his ability to count,

    "2010-1948 = 64"(... er... really?)

    so well mirror's his ability to 'think'.

    (Calling the Orkin man...)

  2. ... I like everything about it that is... except the contrast it has with today.

    Time really flies when you're being had.

  3. I just love when trolls have nothing to add to the conversation, they revert to stupidity. That sound they hear whipping right over their head is the point that they totally missed. -- Skiri'ki