Friday, February 05, 2010


The first two videos on the CNN(!!) website,  about the Tea Parties, are pretty darned good.

When Rick Sanchez takes over in an interview on the third one, his almost hostile defense of Obama is pathetic.

But the Tea Party spokesman handles it quite well. Especially the loaded question about the "inappropriate" signs....

The fourth is a short Scott Brown answer...and I quit after that...

Øbama's mug showed up again. And it's just more than I can take.

Check it out

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Tea Party Patriot

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  1. Notice how these 'wipes NEVER explain that "TEA" stands for "Taxed Enough Already"? Altho, I understand the "!!" about CNN carrying anything resembling decent coverage ("blind pig finding an acorn"),since I myself have mentioned that NPR actually does some good coverage sometimes (yesterday I heard a well-done story about a Muslim Afghan girl who escaped being used a suicide bomber,her brother and father beating her,etc...WE pay for NPR,and I comment now and then to 'em,but why bother checking out CNN,MSNBC,etc.? I was kinda pissed off listening to Rush and Glenn Beck lately,as they're spending WAY too much airtime bitching about what Olbermann,etc. are saying about them.THEY HAVE GOT NO RATINGS,so who cares! It was a bit vain,and I turned them off.