Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What Is a "Right"?

I'd like to clarify something that some people seemed to be confused about.

Health care is not a right. (Neither is education, or food, or housing, or a job.)

How can I be so sure?

Anything that requires the labor of someone else cannot be a universal human right.

Our Constitutional, Natural Law rights require only that others leave us alone. They require no labor, action, payment, participation or sacrifice of anyone else on our behalf.

We have the right to NOT be interfered with when we speak, practice religion, gather, or bear arms. We have the right NOT to be imprisoned without due-process, to be searched without cause, to be made to testify against ourselves.

See how that works?

But the "rights" that the Progressives pretend we have, like health care, education, food, housing and jobs...all require the participation of others.

Health care requires the labor of doctors.
Education requires the labor of teachers.
Housing requires the labor of builders.

What if doctors quit? What if teachers quit? What if builders quit?

To provide YOU the "right" to healthcare, doctors would be forced to labor.
To provide YOU the "right" to education, teachers would be forced to labor.
To provide YOU the "right" to housing, builders would be forced to labor.

If you take any supposed "right" and you push it to its logical conclusion—and the only solution would entail the coercing of any individual—it's not a right at all.

It's just a greedy, selfish Want.

In a nutshell—nothing that demands the labor or sacrifice of another is your right.

This simple formula can be used to determine the truth about all those supposed "rights" the Progressive/Fascists are trying to sell us.

They, it seems, are perfectly willing to use government force, and confiscation to make sure somebody get's their Wants fulfilled.

Question is, who gets the goodies and who's forced to labor to provide them??

The Gunslinger
Enemy of the Imperial State (EOTIS)
Vampire/Cannibal Hunter


  1. Notice also that the ones who claim healthcare and the rest to be 'rights', are usually the ones to point out how much better we today are, than the Founders, because we've 'defeated slavery'.

    Oh really.

  2. You are EXACTLY right. Did you see Bobo's "press conference" last night?

    I wish I could say "unbelivable", but I can't...people believe this garbage.

    By the by, popped a couple of boxes out of the new is some bad juju.

    Sam (EOTIS)

  3. Van—You are right! They have a very narrow, self-serving definition of "slavery", don't they?

    Sam—No,I don't watch him. I only have so much blood, and it shoots out of my eyes when I listen to his bullshit. Everything that comes out of his mouth, literally, is a lie—except when he "mis-speaks" and exposes the truth with a Freudian slip.

    Yeah on the 36....only...I call it "good" juju, if you know what I mean.

  4. If you read "Atlas Shrugged", the looters banned quitting, so if you were providing a service or product that THEY pronounced as belonging to the people, you couldn't legally quit, or retire. Ayn Rand was a visionary....

  5. right you are. Ayn had the Vampires down pat.

    But she also knew John Galt. And that's comforting, eh?

  6. You are the Fascist! It is shameful that we have the best doctors and medical facilities in the world and still millions of people do not get the medical care they need. IT IS A RIGHT!

    1. RUN! The nasty nazis are coming!. I propose the following:
      1. A set if shiny metal bracelets
      2. A "Free" nights lodging at the the nearest
      "Greybar Hotel".
      3. A long, relaxing, bus ride with a complementary sack lunch of Horescock on White
      4. A "Free" hi-speed lead injection to the head if you ever come back. for me..... Mighty Whitey

  7. That was a different Anon. I guess it's time for me to create a profile

  8. aninnymouse said "...e the Fascist! ...T IS A RI...!"

    Wow, ever notice how using exclamation points and all caps really helps to convey the ideas you didn't bother to note, support or explain?

    Me neither... I wonder how Aristotle missed that one in his Rhetoric?

    Go figure.

  9. Dear Anon the Name-Caller: Please explain the reasoning of your position as I did mine. We're all anxious to hear it.

    Hint: SHOUTING it doesn't make it so.

  10. Anon the Good...yes, good idea; we don't want to confuse you with the pinheads.

  11. You have a right to anything you want, providing that whatever it is you want does not violate the rights of others.


    You have the responsibility to secure whatever it is you want for yourself.

    Funny how we talk about rights but we seem to miss the responsibilities part...

  12. " yourself"

    Amazing how those three words get left out of the equation by the Marxist dolts.

    They stop right after: "You have a right to anything you want."

  13. I agree with you on the idiocy of progressives. But your definition needs work. The right to bear arms requires the labor of the gun maker. Due process rights require the labor of judges and attorneys. Assembly rights are protected by the labor of police and local government. Back to the drawing board.

  14. aninnymouse said "The right to bear arms requires the labor of the gun maker...."

    Not too fond of reading and thinking, eh? It does require not only thinking past stage one, but having the right text to consider.
    "... the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

    Not the right TO, that someone will be compelled to fulfill, but the right to 'keep and bear arms', which means keep 'em if you have them, and smoke 'em if you got 'em.

    Ever read Adam Smith? Fredrich Bastiat? Give it a try, you can find both here online for free (not because you have a right to read them, but because they felt they'd get more long term value by providing their library for free). Better yet, take a look at the Second Amendment, but more importantly, look at the lings below it to the ideas the Founders had in mind, understood, and debated, when writing and later arguing its meaning.

    Due process is one of the functions of Govt, and the Govt cannot deny its services to its citizens, which it serves - however the Govt doesn't compel people to become lawyers and judges.

    The Founders understood that where enough people need or desire goods and services, other people will be interested in providing them for some exchange of value for value.

    Providing that they are free and at liberty to do so - rather than enslaved and compelled to.

  15. Anon, I get your point. But I think, as Van has said, you didn't quite think it through far enough.

    People tend to gather in groups and free people tend to provide services each other needs: the Free Market. As it happens, one of the things they provided was guns.

    But "arms" may be a sharpened stone, or a club you made out of a tree branch. There is no guarantee to guns, per se.

    Let me put it this way...Government has no "right" to exist. It has no "right" to arrest you unless it can provide the required legal procedures. It can't do one without the other.

    Our rights are not dependent on the existence of judges and lawyers, the government's permitted action is.

    You see what I mean?

    In other words, I have a right NOT to be arrested by a government that cannot provide due process. My rights don't change. What the government is permitted to do is altered and diminished.

    My right remains negative. And does not require the action or participation of another.

    (Whether that would create chaos and anarchy is an entirely different question. As is whether people would then voluntarily become judges and lawyers to reform such a situation.)

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