Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another Progressive is Heard From

Radio before work. Some bitch talking about all the 'poor' inmates of prisons who are sentenced to 'Life without Parole', and some of them are 'teenagers'.

She whimpers that "Everyone has the right to a parole hearing sometime during their sentence".

Look, you stupid twat, the reason all these assholes are doing 'Life without Parole', is that assholes like you insisted that execution was too cruel and unusual, and that society would be just as safe if we put these monsters in jail for life.

But NOW, it's just so MEAN to keep them in we need to give them all a chance to be released. This about people who deserve KILLING, they're so vile.

This is how the Leftists work it, people. Never give them an inch!

The Gunslinger
Enemy of the Imperial State (EOTIS)


  1. Best way I've found to counter idiots like that is to ask if they would take in the little snowflakes.It's a cliche,but works.

  2. "little snowflakes"....dude you have such a way with words....