Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Price of "Winning"

A couple more points on Rich Moran's post at American in previous post. He ends his post saying that "tactically" because there are so few Republicans in Congress, being reasonable instead of confrontational is the only way to get anything done.

Given the nature of the Democrats (sleazy liars, cheats, thugs and thieves, as I've noted before), one can hardly expect that by being reasonable, one will get anything done that the bullies don't want done. The only way the little kid evades a beating at the hands of the bully is to do whatever the bully wants.

The only way the little kid ever to man up and bloody the bully.

This is true whether in the playground, the halls of Congress, or on the campaign trail.

You hear Republicans (and more than a few Democrats...surprise!) declare that Republicans must field more "moderates" if they want to "get elected".

But what is a "moderate" Republican? A Liberal. Someone who will work against the advancement of Conservatism. But if that's what you get, mightn't you just as well have voted for the Democrat and not gone to all the trouble and expense of running anyone at all?

I mean, what's the point?

Some Republicans treat the Party like a gang. It's the "colors" that matter. How they act, what they do, what they believe in, is irrelevant, as long as they're wearing the right patch.

But the point of supporting a party, for Conservatives, is that the members, when elected, will work hard, loyally and tirelessly to advance Conservative principles. We're not interested in the patch without the principles.

And that's what Rick Moran, and his brothers in political punditry fail to grasp. Every time I hear someone suggesting this strategy to Republicans to "get elected" or "get something done", I realize he has no principle he won't compromise or abandon.

What a sad shame.

The Gunslinger

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