Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Clarity of Thought

The following is a comment by "UserZero" at American Thinker, in response to an article by Rick Moran, analyzing the psychological journey of Jack Bauer in "24". The indented, italicized paragraph is a quote from the original, upon which UserZero proceeds to comment.

UserZero is my new hero (despite the unfortunate moniker). Here is a link to the Rick Moran piece. UserZero's comment can be found in it's native habitat, there. This is as clear an example of muddled thought & fuzzy thinking vs sparkling clarity of thought as I have ever seen.

The Gunslinger

"We are sobered by our experience in Iraq that while apparently winding down to a successful conclusion is nevertheless seen by a majority of Americans as an effort we should never have undertaken in the first place and not worth the cost in blood and treasure. We have less faith in government, more suspicion of what it does in our name. And the belief that we must bring freedom and democracy to the dark places of the world has taken a hit as well."

UserZero responds:

"We are sobered..." ??? Oh do please give it a rest! You may be "sobered". The rest of us have pretty much had it.

Rick, you've conveniently ignored a critical point here in your needlessly wordy and ham-handed attempt to paint Americans with the self-loathing brush 24's producers have chosen for Bauer during this next season. Americans were trained through herculean efforts by the entrenched and discredited anti-Bush media to see things as you describe. That hardly makes such fantasy a reality.

I'd love to see some evidence - outside media polling - to support your assertion that a majority of Americans see Iraq as something we shouldn't have undertaken. Certainly those who had the most to lose and who sacrificed the most in the conflict have expressed, overwhelmingly, that the effort was indeed worth the cost.

If we've lost faith in government, it's not because that government did anything we're ashamed of, personally, as your misguided suggestions imply. It's rather because government has proven itself to be populated in the majority by corrupt individuals whom we wouldn't trust to borrow our car and return it in one piece. It's because the entrenched media, whom you seek so constantly to emulate, has utterly abandoned any pretense of journalistic integrity in efforts to destroy the Bush administration. You completely ignore the effects those efforts have produced.

In this piece you're (once again) doing nothing less than playing along with the left's and the entrenched media's ongoing propaganda war to shame Americans into abandoning what's right. Dave St John is correct. And if art imitates life in any way regarding 24's new direction, it's a reflection of the degree to which Americans have been demoralized by those on whom they depend to govern and those on whom they depend to give them the truth. It's not a reflection of some sudden self-loathing brought on by the "realization" that we shouldn't use every means at our disposal to protect ourselves from nihilistic fanatics who have no rational reason for wanting to destroy us. They simply want to watch the world burn, in the name of their "God". Pretending there's some moral high ground from which the "truly righteous" should aspire to defend itself from that sort of evil is the fantasy of a fool.

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