Thursday, January 15, 2009

Are The Republicans Just As Bad?

Elsie left a comment on the previous post, The American IDEA, reminding me that it is not only Democrats who are miscreants, but that both parties are guilty. She said:
"Bravo! I would, however, include both political parties. Both play mind games in their own way, twisting facts and manipulating principles. It's time to put political ideologies in their place, and understand that if the spirit of America is not honored and if we do not unite in spirit, then we will forsake our spirit."
I was going to answer her in a followup comment, but as I was writing it, I realized the subject was worthy of a post of it's own.

Now, in the interests of full disclosure, I am a registered Republican. But I'm not a Party Girl. I'm a Republican by default, because they come closer to my Conservative principles than the ironically named "Democratic" Party.

And, no, I don't exonerate Republicans from wrongdoing. But they're guilty of normal greed, normal corruption, normal crime.

Like all weak, selfish, lazy, criminals, they want more than they deserve—or have honestly earned— of the fruits of the American IDEA.

They're thieves and charlatans...con men and hustlers, cheats and liars. They are corrupt and untrustworthy.

But they all, almost to a man, believe in the IDEA that is America; they are not in the business of destroying the American Soul, the American IDEA, the American Dream.

They might steal you blind, cheat on their taxes, pad their expenses, illegally profit from their elected offices, refuse to recycle, but they don't publish secret troop movements. They don't tell their kids that America sucks. They don't disrespect The Founders. They don't promote or embrace Communism. They don't think the pretentious clown Fidel Castro or the savage murderer Che Guevara are bigger heroes than Thomas Jefferson or George Washington. They don't think Europe is cooler than America. They don't think Karl Marx is smarter than Ben Franklin.

They know the Free Market is the greatest engine of progress and prosperity in the history of the world, and they know that Americans are really, really good at it.

But. They are so interested in feathering their own nests, so self-centered, and self-involved, they are insufficiently attentive to the danger posed by the Left and their constant undermining of America. They are failed sentinels, so drunk on the their own personal glory, power, status and fortune that they fail to notice that the enemy is putting bombs beneath the foundation stones.

And for that, I blame them bitterly. They are criminals and bad citizens. But they are not traitors. Their intention is not to ruin America, but to extravagantly profit from her greatness.

Let me use an example to illustrate:

Our economy is in shambles. Republicans—even stupid, greedy ones—propose that we cut income taxes, corporate taxes, capital gains taxes. The result will be more consumer spending, business confidence and growth, increased investment, and more tax money collected by the State. It's a win-win solution. The country will become more prosperous and rich. (which, incidentally, results in more money for Republican politicians to steal!) The free-market response will be a recovered economy.

This is not just a theory. It is a proven, verifiable, certifiable, historical fact. It happens every time taxes are cut. Indeed, it happens with monotonous regularity.

Why then, won't the Democrats do it? Why do they persistently insist, instead, on raising taxes...the very thing that will plunge the country into an even deeper economic crisis?

Answer: Because the primary goal of the Democrat Left is not to save the economy, encourage the free-market, or fill State coffers. Their primary mission is to precipitate a crisis so mortal that they can institute "emergency" policies that give the State unlimited power over the economy, which results in unlimited power over The People. A total inversion of the IDEA. The total evisceration of America as she was founded, as she was intended, as we love her, as she has been since the beginning, providing us with the best, freest, richest lives in the history of mankind.

And that isn't the standard, criminal, lawless lust for ill-gotten gain...that's treason.

And that is the difference between the Political Parties and their respective criminal hacks*.

*When speaking of the Democrat Party, I'm talking about its Masters, the Left-Socialist ideologues. When speaking of the Republican Party, I'm talking about its Masters, the wobbly "centrists" and "moderates" who cleave to no principles whatever. I am not talking about Conservatives, who are being systematically renounced (as always) by Republican Party hacks, who insist that we can only "win" if we abandon everything we believe in.

The Gunslinger

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