Friday, November 14, 2008

They Just Can't Help Themselves

Watch a CNN story about the post-election coverage of The Beauteous Sarah, and a supporting ad put out by Our Country Deserves Better. Being CNN it was blah, blah, blah...but they couldn't resist this:

"Political watchers say the Governor lost McCain votes during the election..." Don't you just love that trustworthy news source: "Political watchers"?

Is that the homeless guy watching the debates through appliance store windows?

God they're sleaze buckets.

The Gunslinger


  1. WHY pay attention to these idiots? I know,I know...propaganda has consequences,etc.Focus,I think,should be on forward strategies,not worrying about ninny sleaze-buckets.Energy best utilized on future tactics,tho I of course LOVED the "political watchers" joke.Real joke is Obama going to same-old Clintonistas for staff/cabinet posts. "Change"? I still say he's just a Chi-town hack,just with more hype.,someone who has never DONE anything in his life,and will piss off supporters BECAUSE of the hype of his "greatness".Affirmative Action Figure,empty no matter how much hope is poured into his lame-ness....

  2. I enjoy reading your take on events and issues...

  3. TJ = "Affirmative Action Figure"

    I am SO stealing THAT name!

    Christian soldier: Thanks, glad you're here!

  4. You notice the press isn't talking about blue collar Republican and Conservative Democrat voters that McCain lost.

    Who gives a sh*t about moderates. That is a fickle a group that focuses on politics one minute, and watches Dancing with the Stars the next. They blow in the direction of 'success' (or whats popular) regardless of the Party.

    Palin and Huckebee understand this coalition of blue collar voters, because thats who they are. They are hated by elitists in both the Republican and Democrat establishments ironically. The Lindsey Grahams, Mitt Romneys, and John McCains represent Republican elitism. The pro-confederate southern blog-o-sphere is ready to linch Graham in SC, but he,s very well entrenched by the likes of the SC Chamber of Commerce good ol boys that keep money flowing in from the beach resorts. Thats why Graham has been a big obstacle with stopping illegal immigration. Reagan conservatives in SC are supporting the Democrat, who is an anti-illegal alien blue dog. Politics are complicated, aren't they?

    I've notice John McCain hasn't jumped in to defend his VP pick, and thats very telling to me (since its his people that are floating these vicious rumors. He picked Palin to restore the base of the GOP, not because he necessarily agreed with her politics. Had he not done this, it would have been a popular vote landslide. Palin saved some conservative candidates by getting conservatives to the polls.

    I have a call to action for conservatives, that we can no longer stand on the sidelines. We've got to start at the local level, and work our way up. We've got to start over, as Democracy requires our participation.

  5. Amen, brother. I've been thinking about trying to "Purge & Rescue" the Republican Party, but maybe it's just a lost cause.

    The problem of getting a new party going is so monumental, though, that it'll be decades before it's even ont he ballot in all states.

    It's a dilemma.

    We have to have a "conservative" party, whether it turns out to be the GOP or a new one.

    I agree, "moderates" are people who either don't pay attention to politics, or are too stupid to know what they believe.

    And we CAN'T build a party or a campaign strategy around them like McCain tried to do. It's preposterous.

    And I agree, without Palin, we'd be looking at a "real" landslide.

    I would have begrudgingly dragged myself to the polls to vote for McCain otherwise. With the Beauteous Sarah on the ticket, I was energized and excited.

  6. The battle is now for the control of the republican party.

    We also might want to look to Europe and Russia. They have the most experience on growing coalition parties. Experience should not go to waste and always have a backup plan.

  7. I think they're just trying to convince us that she "can't win".

    If they succeed in making people think she's a loser, that she "lost McCain votes", they'll have terminated a big threat, without having to actually compete with her.

    They never want to see her run. Ruining her is easier—and cheaper— than beating her.