Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Why do Conservatives believe in Liberty?

Liberty is the natural state of man. In every land, in every time, under every circumstance that limited it, man has fought, killed and died for freedom.

The impulse to freedom is strong in all sentient beings. But man, with his big, hungry brain, suffers the most in captivity.

The Woodrow Wilsons, the Stalins, the Maos, the Hitlers, the Left and The Borg will try to convince you that being part of a human hive is a cozy and safe place to be, that being assimilated is wonderful.

But no one believes it. Everyone knows it's a lie. Liberty is Life.

The Gunslinger


  1. I hate to contradict, but this last election has shown that most people have no use for liberty.

    They want to be taken care of. If they have to give up some freedom so they fit in and are given things that's fine. In a word, they are slaves.

    Jefferson did warn that this would happen once America lost its agricultural identity.

  2. No use? they have no idea what LIBERTY is,the true concept of Liberty was lost long ago,sad but true.

    Miss Gunslinger we missed you at the machinegun shoot,it was a great time with beautiful warm fall weather the smell of gunpowder and empty brass in the air,the glow of tracers finding their target,I wonder how many more there will be before obie puts a stop to it,oh and that reminds me as if the Dems arent bad enough..5 Rinos have introduced a bill in the house led by Mark kirk R IL H.R.6257 to reinstate the assualt weapons ban,anit life grand

  3. Remember when Liberals believed in Freedom too?

    I guess I'm too young to have lived then. I know there are still a few of us...

  4. Now that I think about it, I don't see many Conservatives in the Federal Government doing much for our freedoms either.

    Our federal politicians are not representing us.

  5. Anon, it's ignorance, not an indifference to freedom. At least that's my opinion.

    Low'n'slow...green-eyed with envy! Glad I picked up my AR-15 already!
    Lousy bastards.

    Jag: REAL liberals still do. It's those Leftists that pretend to be Liberals that don't.

    And "conservatives" do everything they can for freedom. Republicans, on the other hand have screwed up royally. Please don't confuse the two!

    Only SOME Republicans are Conservatives, the rest are big government, pandering, "moderate", Liberal lites. And they lost us the last two elections.

  6. Yeah... I can't keep all these names people like to call themselves straight anymore!

  7. I work with college age students and the academic elite. That may cause my perspective to be biased.

  8. Jag, here's a simple test: anyone who thinks government is the answer to any problem (except WAR), is NOT A CONSERVATIVE.

    No matter what they say. And no matter what the media calls them.

    The defining characteristic of aConservative is the belief that Government is the enemy, an incipient tyrant.

    The Founders, to a man, believed that. And it is enshrined in our Constitution.

    Anon....my condolences. Yes, like us in California, I imagine your notions of "the public" are terribly skewed.

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  10. I believe that only moral people can govern themselves. Limited government with an immoral populace is a recipe for disaster. Limited government requires MORAL citizens for it to work. That's Conservatism.

    As for "my definition of decency"...well, it's not really MINE:

    Don't murder
    Don't steal
    Don't lie
    Don't hurt the ones you love
    Don't be envious
    Don't be greedy
    Be grateful
    Be happy

    Do only "Conservatives" think these are a good idea?