Sunday, October 14, 2007

When All Your Options Are Bad

A friend in the UK brought to my attention the crimes against liberty, history, culture, race and sovereignty being perpetrated on his country by its own government, and the EU bureaucrats.

I made a snarky comment that it's time for armed insurrection in England...but that...whoops!...they took away all the guns!

But this is deadly serious. No place for snide remarks. Life and Liberty are on the line.

History as proven that the first step to enslaving a people is disarming them. It happens every single time. The fact that this lesson is never learned is one that makes me doubt the intelligence of our race. How is it possible that we allow ourselves, regularly, to be stripped of the one thing that might defend us against tyranny, and ensure liberty?

But, it is only a temporary situation. One that can be altered by a simple act of personal will.

Guns are illegal. Against the law. Proscribed. But what does that really mean? It means that the government says you can't own a gun. Law-abiding citizens do what the government says. And in this instance, they become victims of those that don't do what the government says and keep their guns —the outlaws—and of the government itself who has disarmed the many which can now be controlled by the few.

How many police are there in the UK compared to the number of "law-abiding citizens"?
How many police with guns will it take to control an unarmed populace?
How many police with guns will it take to control an armed populace in rebellion?

We GIVE our power away, without a fight, when we allow a corrupt government to control us because we consider ourselves too law-abiding to take what the same corrupt government has chosen to call—in its own interests and for its own protection, and the maintenance of its own power—illegal action.

Here's the conundrum: Most people are good, normal, average, kind, and law-abiding. Their parents and grandparents and ancestors back into history were. They expect and hope their descendants will be as well. Life is comfortable, pleasant, safe, rewarding, enjoyable.

None of us wants to do anything crazy or extreme, break the social contract, become an outlaw... and risk losing everything we know and love: family, home, job, friends, social circle, retirement plans, health care, bank accounts, credit rating...courting imprisonment, and even death itself.

We are not insane, and doing such a thing is insanity itself. We may be ostracized by our communities, shunned by decent society, hunted by the authorities.

While now, we enjoy our gardening, our beer, a burger, sex and the cinema. Everything is so normal, so dependable, so secure.

Well, except for immigration, foreign gangs on the move, intolerance growing, violence in the streets, abandonment of our principles, our history, our religion, our traditions, our pride and our strength. But still, our houses are not threatened, our cars not burnt, our lives not directly touched. We hold on, and hold out. Carrying on as though nothing had changed, even as we know it to be all slipping away into a dark and furious future.

To DO something would end the pleasant daydream that we can avoid the plague that's ravaging the land.

The step from law-abiding to outlaw is the biggest anybody can take. It puts us at odds with all we thought we believed in. All that sustained us through a lifetime. The chasm between them is awesome in its implications.

Even in America, known for the "individuality" of its citizens, we don't like making a spectacle of ourselves; being seen as paranoid, crazy, extremist. It's embarrassing. It's not normal. It isn't done by respectable people. Here too, the social pressure to conform, to go along, is immense.

But it seems to me that our options are only two:

1) Remain an obedient, controlled, defenseless Victim-Serf.
2) Become an armed, prepared, awake free Citizen-Outlaw.

#1 leads to Buchenwald; secret police; tyranny; fear; oppression; a broken spirit
#2 might lead to the gallows, but with an uncorrupted soul; a whole, free spirit

#2 might also "Secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity" the preamble of The Constitution has it.

Our Founders thought it worth the risk when things got bad enough. I think we can all agree that their results were spectacular: The freest, richest, most egalitarian and generous country in the history of the world.

And for us at first, the risk need not be great. It's not necessary to mount an army against the government at the moment. But it is a good time to start preparing for that eventuality, just in case. Quietly, discreetly, individually, or in very small intimate groups.

Guns are available everywhere. Like illegal drugs, they can be had in every corner of the world from the English countryside to the jungles of Indonesia. There are gun-runners operating in every country. There are for sale in every city.

They are illegal. Not unavailable.

No one who would fight for freedom has an excuse for being unarmed. Those in countries who have outlawed arms take more risk to own them, but are more at risk if they don't. Their governments are already on the familiar, well-trodden road to oppression and tyranny. Believe history.

Break the illegal, immoral, fascist law. Buy guns. Learn to use them. (It's not a mystery, everything you need is on the internet) Stock up on ammunition.

Encourage amenable, discreet close friends to do the same. Pool your resources.

Somebody at your local pub probably knows somebody who knows somebody...that's how it works. You may never need it. Wouldn't that be nice? If so, you only spent a little money and a little time. But if you need it, and you don't have it....who have you to blame for your slavery?

Keep it safely stored, hidden and secret. Nobody but you and those you choose to tell need ever know you own it. Be discreet. Don't get too drunk. Don't talk too much. Stay out of trouble. You will have taken on the role of Warrior. You must also employ the discipline.

Remember, the Minutemen who fought the Revolutionary War were farmers and tradesmen and merchants. They weren't Special Forces running Black Ops. And you don't have to be either, to fight for Freedom, to win a War, to save a Nation.

The Gunslinger


  1. You're a gem, I'm bookmarking this.

  2. Thanks. It was for you. My best answer for an intolerable situation.

  3. And a good answer, too. My thanks.

    However, I have one further question for you. Were someone to begin this course of action, there are still impediments even having gotten the hardware:

    - Learn to use them. (It's not a mystery, everything you need is on the internet)

    True, but for each valuable piece of info out there, there are probably 50 useless or even dangerously inaccurate pieces of info. How can a person with no priot knowledge of this sort the wheat from the chaff? Any ideas?

    - Stock up on ammunition.

    Again, problematic. Getting hold of the initial hardware would be tricky enough, but this... Again, theoretically, how could one go about this?

  4. God letter,agree wholeheartedly.ROLE ON THE FIGHTBACK,BRITAIN AWAKE!!!!.(Shieldwall-Plymouth-England)

  5. Great piece Gunslinger. The Congress could NOT believe the uproar created by the McCain-Kennedy Shamnesty bill. They think THAT was overwhelming? Any bill that even hinted at the type of legislation passed in Britain would empty the halls of Congress.

    And I mean EMPTY them.

    :Holger Danske

  6. First off...excellent piece Gunslinger. I agree. And to be quite honest with you, a good deal of us "rural" types pretty much do that anyway. I know several people who have veritable arsenals and do exactly that...we go to the range and practice and stock up on ammo. I even know several folks that do their own reloading and are quite good at it.
    Second, to MrSmith; if you lived in the US it would be easy to do...not ever having been to the UK, I couldn't begin to give you advice on how to get your hands on a firearm or ammunition. I'm sure it's possible. As far as learning how to use it, well, I suppose you could join the military. Or if you can get your hands on the actual really need to understand HOW it works before you go trying to learn how to use it. Firearms are machines, albeit simple ones...for the most part.
    You could maybe check out some Firearm manufacturer's websites or look up some info on training on the web. That's the best advice this Yankee can give you. Best of luck!

  7. Mr. Smith, you might want to start with Boston's Gun Bible. It's available here:
    Boston's Gun Bible

    It covers the basics, the advanced, specific guns, laws (USA only unfortunately), tactics, optics, types of guns, politics of guns...etc. A good place to start.

    (I hope other readers will recommend books they like too.)

    Can you get hunting guns in the UK? If so, score those.

    Remember, a handgun is just a convenient, portable substitute for a REAL gun...the rifle!

    A good rifleman is worth his weight in gold.

    In war, the handgun is the weapon of "last resort"...never the primary weapon.

    It has become the most common civilian and police gun only because we can't all walk around with rifles slung on our we've compromised accuracy, range and power for the sake of concealment and convenience.

    And if what we're preparing for comes to pass, that won't really be an issue anymore.

  8. Mjolnir,

    Some of us urban dwellers are doing the same. I always laugh when the media breathlessly report that someone had "5 guns and more than 200 rounds of ammunition!" stashed in their house.

    Wow...that MUCH, huh???

  9. Hammer of God, Gunslinger,

    Handguns were the first to go on the legislation list, following the massacre at an infant's school in Dunblane, the politicians decided that people don't kill people, handguns do. So we're back to legal bindings. As to the armed forces... out fighting someone else's war while the one at home is lost without a shot is less than enticing, to be honest. But I think I can think of a few ideas.

    The Gun Bible looks useful, I think I'll have to get hold of a copy. Many thanks to you both.

  10. Hey Gunny! Great Minds Think Alike! I wrote this a while back:

    I would like to first tell my British friends and cousins that I mean no disrespect towards the British People by using the metaphor of the American Revolution.

    Also, let me say that I personally consider the Revolutionary War a tragedy; it was a civil war between the Establishment faction and the republican faction that had friends and foes on both side of the Atlantic that could have been settled by the compromise proposed in the Albany Plan of 1754 by Ben Franklin that would have allowed American delegates in Parliament and the King the right to appoint the "President-General" of America.

    I would note that even in Parliament during the Revolutionary Period, the American republican cause had much support, especially in the Whig Party, even the famous Edmund Burke spoke in favor of the revolutionists.And let us not forget that more than a few Britons, such as Thomas Paine, sailed to America to join the rebel cause against the Establishment: the British army and navy, the best on the planet at that time, only fought a half-hearted struggle against their fellow countrymen; that George Washington never defeated the main British army in North America, but that army withdrew intact with honor in 1783 from New York City when the King ordered it done.


    My point is that in both Britain and America today we have fallen into two hostile camps and all attempts at compromise have ended in abject failure.

    On the one side we have the Establishment faction that seeks to impose tyranny by means of appeasement with Islamic barbarians who are allowed free run in our countries because of the multiculturist-international viewpoint that all cultures are equal, even the most barbaric.

    On the opposing line we have the Rebel Faction that has been largely put out of the debate by the Establishment and ignored.

    This faction has tried for years and years to obtain redress from the ruling elite. They have been ignored and the Establishment is at this very moment attempting to destroy the last bastion of defense in the English speaking world -- Freedom of Speech.

    Therefore, men and women of good, Britons and Americans, true patriots one and all, have no other choice than to pick up the gauntlet of civil war thrown down by their Establishments and resist violence with violence.

    May we all once again meet at "Lexington Green" and say to tyranny's command to surrender the words of a former British soldier, Captain Parker of the King's North American militia: "Stand your ground men; don't fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war; let it begin here."
    Cheers, Cousin Ronbo



    If this be treason make the most of it my fellow Countrymen."

  11. Before I forget...Could you post this article on TFFJ? A thousand thanks in advance.

    Cheers, Ronbo

  12. gunslinger and all fellow Patriots,
    Greetings to you all from the UK.
    Moving, stirring stuff!
    I will put a link on my space!
    Our Army in Britain should be HERE helping us!
    Hail Thor!
    I'm new to the blogosphere, and it really makes me proud to be a part of this 'Awakening'!

  13. Hail Thor? Don't you mean Tiw? Our old pre-Christian god of war, a variation of the old god Tyr, I believe.

    I think We Are The English would probably have more on that, though not all that much, really, so I suppose it's just a pretext for my sending you there. Enjoy!

  14. Some familiar faces here. Nice to see. A good article and a guide to the future.

    If the BNP do not prevail then I am with Gunslinger on this.

    I also thought Ronbo made an excellent post/comment and deserve a wider audience in the UK.

    I leave that to you Mr Smith:)

  15. I'll give that a go tonight, then, GA. Cheers. :-)

  16. Done, GA.

  17. A fine and timely post. I'd remind our British friends that guns are just one weapon, as the Hungarian people demonstrated during the uprising.
    Roadblocks and molotov cocktails and spades and just about any other implement can be useful too. It's not necessary to confront either police or troops head-on, if you can keep them running from one eruption to the next.
    Pitched battles are to be avoided in any case, since the object (presumably) is to bring enough pressure on the government of the day to either topple it or force it to change laws and policies.

  18. An excellent point, KG. If anyone else has great ideas, I'll be watching this thread's comments, so do jot them down here. Or maybe ask the Gunslinger to post on them? :-)