Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Debating Libshits

From now on, I am going to employ one of two answers to every Libshit attack: "Duh." or "So?"

"Bush lied to get us into the Iraq war!" Me: "So?"
"We're killing thousands of innocent Iraqis!" Me: "So?"
"So it's OK with you that our military is killing and torturing people in our name??" Me: "Duh."

Really. So easy. I think it's a rhetorical winner. It'll drive them crazy.

"You're a racist-bigot-hater!" Me: "So?"

"So you ADMIT you're a racist-bigot-hater????" Me: "So?"

What are they gonna do next?

I figure they'll give up in disgust or faint. It's the defense against such charges that allows the idiotic debate to continue. It's the desperation to disassociate ourselves from such charges that give the Libshits power. Racist-Bigot-Hater is one of their MAGIC WORDS; it reliably reduces their opponents to quivering jelly.

Very effective.

We've got to stop allowing them this power. And the only way to do it is to de-magic their MAGIC WORDS. It isn't about stopping them from using them—which is our typical strategy, and always and everywhere a failure. When you respond out of fear, you give away your power. When we respond without fear, we deny them power; the MAGIC WORDS deflate like Ted Kennedy without Viagra.

Generally you're pretty well armed with just these two responses. It's not like they ever ask us what we think. But in the event one should forget the talking points and do so, merely say, "What I think is way over your head," or "Since it's clear you're congenitally stupid, and cannot be taught, there's really no point in telling you."

When they get over their apoplexy and shift back into attack mode, default to "So?" and "Duh."

They won't last long.

The Gunslinger


  1. Excellent post. I agree with you completely. Any serious discussion with an profound BDS sufferer is not worth the oxygen expended.

    A fundamental reason why no real exchange of views can be realized is that many important buzz words they employ do not have the meanings one finds in the dictionary. Their vocabulary comes from the Post-Modern Glossary of Terms, e.g racism, truth, imperialism, oppression, war, etc. This is particularly true of recent college graduates, but the blight has seeped widely into Boomerdom via the mass media.

    Therefore, one way to avoid a death spiral in your conversation with a modern leftist is to ask the other person for a definition of one of the key words or terms she invokes. It will be pretty clear at that point that your only safe response is to say that this conversation should end since we can't even agree on the definition of words. That might be a slightly more gentlemanly exit than a string of "so" and "duh." But your strategy would certainly be more fun.

  2. Johnsal...welcome!

    Of course you are right...I was just having a little fun attempting to make the same point.

    And I must admit, my supply of "gentlemanly" is pretty much on "E" with these guys.

  3. Saw a documentary last night on the Prussian Blue girls which had an interestingly similar phenomenon. Soon after they moved into some town in Montana, local libs got up in arms to protest them even just living in the same area. I thought the witchunts were supposed to have finished by now?

  4. mr smith:

    I've heard of them, but don't know anything about the Prussian Girls. I can't say whether they are racist or just "proud to be white"...which, of course, to liberals is the same thing!

    Further proof that nobody is more intolerant than a liberal.

    I just read a story about a guy who bought his "dream car"...a Hummer. He had to park it on the street because it was too big to fit in his garage. It was promptly ruined...nearly destroyed, windows all broken, tires all slashed, every body part dented. Suspicion has fallen on enviro-fundamentalists. There is a whole thread in Democratic Underground in which they spew their hatred of the man who bought the car, and express their approval of the destroying of his he had no right to desire, buy or own such a symbol of conspicuous consumption.

    Krystalnacht....coming to a neighborhood near you.

    And they call US Nazis!

  5. Excellent article, Gunny, that has the implicit message that discourse between the Right and Left in this country has broken down.

    The Left has long spoke and acted out its hatred for anyone who expresses an opinion counter to the Politically Correct Mantra Of The Day, and the Right has finally begun to rage on its utter contempt for the Left.

    I see a civil war coming. The American Public has not been this divided since the period leading up to the last civil war.

    The USA has become two countries once again...Compromise has broken down...A house divided cannot stand.

    Cheers, Ronbo

  6. I like a nice divided government...the less they get done, the better for us.

    I have just finally figured that out...I, like so many others have always been annoyed with the political sniping, and their inability to get along and get things done.

    But let's face it, nothing pisses us off so much as when the Conservatives try to "get along" with the Liberals...and pass a crappy bill like the Immigration Reform Act of 2007...a dodged nuclear bomb.

    Now I see as our best hope, and the express intention of the Founders...the most inefficient government possible.

    We don't need a single new law. We don't need a single new piece of legislation.

  7. Reminds me of a disscussion that I had last week where I was told that 2 plus 2 didn't always equal 4. There are no facts, they all depend on the viewpoint of the observer.

    The only thing the new paradigm agrees on is their hatred of the traditionalists.

    Not really any room for discourse, is there?

  8. So, Liberals admit they haven't even mastered second grade math yet.

    I always wonder what the viewpoint of the observer would be if you punched him in the nose.

    Would he bleed, or not bleed, depending on his Shroedinger's cat?

    How could he sue you for assault and battery if the "fact" that you punched him in the nose isn't really a fact, but just a perception dependent on his point of view?

    They're so full of shit their eyes are brown.

  9. The discussion in question involved a member of academia with a doctoral degree who had at least mastered basic college level mathematics.

    It's more like the highly educated Christians who refuse to believe that the Earth is over 6000 years old because the Bible geneologies say so. Or talking to a cult member. Or the battered wife defending her husband. Someone they perceive as an authority has placed a viewpoint in their heads and it may not be questioned.

    I wish I had that power.

    The question is, how can the forces of freedom and goodness use this relinquishment of free will to their advantage?

  10. One of my favorite quotes is:

    "Only someone who's been to college could say something that stupid."

    You miss the point, I think. Everyday people have common sense and understand the difference between right and wrong.

    It is the literati you mention that have a hard time with the concept.

    They too often live a world of abstractions to which they can apply all manner of idiotic theories, without the requirement of proof or practicality.

    That you had such a conversation with one of them is entirely predictable...rather than the opposite.

    The chances are also good he's a flaming liberal.

    Which, of course, proves my original point.

    (Disclosure: I have a college degree...I am not talking from "education envy" or speculation.)

  11. Perhaps I did miss your point.

    My point was that the left is not composed of stupid, illogical people. It is more like a fanatical religion that considers you a minion of the Dark Lord.

    Makes them more dangerous actually.

  12. The Left IS a fanatical Religious Cult...whose minions parrot the dogma without a critical thought in their tiny college-educated brains.

    They are the dangerous ones who believe "everything is relative", "there is no Truth", "perception is reality"; and 2 plus 2 doesn't always equal 4.

    I know these people.

    I personally have yet to meet a "highly educated" Christian who believes the world is only 6000 years old. But I know several college-"educated" moonbats who think President Bush was a conspirator in 9/11.

    Just my experience, of course. But then, I live 10 minutes from San Francisco.

  13. I absolutely LOVE the "so, what?" response. I use it daily. Perhaps you, of all people, can fully appreciate the blank stares that generally accompany this beautiful two-word intellectual challenge.

    "Yes, I gave that unpopular directive. So, what?"

    "Yes, I know that people with guns sometimes kill people without guns. So, what?"

    "Yes, I understand that innocent civilians are dying. So, what?"

    "Yes, I've heard that alcoholism is a disease. So, what?"

    "Yes, it does indeed appear that that street terrorist is just a child who was susceptible to negative influences. So, what?"

    And so on...

  14.'s all our time and energy spent defending against spurious accusations that gives the Libshits the power.

    We have to stop allowing them to control the "dialogue".

    Our approach will not only produce the blank stare...but will cause brain implosion when their snide, calculated accusations no longer elicit a cowering defensive whine, but a robust, confident acknowledgment that we actually mean what we say, and are not afraid of being politically incorrect.