Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Modern Liberalism

Modern Liberals believe that:

Israel's self defense is morally equivilent to Palestinian terrorism.

The pranks at Abu Graib prison are worse than Saddam's rape rooms and wood chippers.

Large books can be flushed down toilets.

A black, cop-killing convict has more 'moral authority' than a white policeman.

Slavery was invented by, and only existed as an institution in, the United States.

Whites are the only race that ever practiced slavery.

Blacks are the only race that has ever been enslaved.

It was the brave and courageous slaves themselves, (or Martin Luther King)...not the White Christian Abolitionist Movement that ended slavery

Propaganda and brainwashing are "Education"

Differentiating right from wrong is "judgemental"

There is nothing really "good", and nothing really "'s all in your perspective

All white people are racists, regardless of what they say or do.

Non-white people are never racists, regardless of what they say or do.

Everyone has a right to your property.

Everyone has a right to your country.

Everyone has a right to the product of your labor.

Equality means everyone has exactly the same amount of stuff.

Discipline is cruelty

Morality thwarts self-gratification

Decency stifles self-expression

Courtesy and good manners are artificial & elitist

Self-control is repressive

Emotion is more "real" than intellect

Freedom of speech only applies to approved ideas

Guns, like bombs, can "go off" at any moment

Making judgments about people and their behavior is "hate"

Self-defense (personal or national) by whites or the West is the only violence that "never solves anything"

Whites and/or the West are to blame for everyone else's behavior—if it's bad.

Whites and/or the West are not responsible for anyone else's behavior—if it's good.

"Peace" means that anyone can attack, maim, kill, torture, kidnap or bomb any Western country (or its citizens) without fear of retaliation

Why, does anyone listen to these crackpots?

The Gunslinger

(Add to the list in comments!)


  1. In retaliation, force must be proportionate.

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