Saturday, October 14, 2006


Here is my simple plan for total victory in the Islamic War:

1) Fight dirtier than they do.

2) Torture as necessary.


The Gunslinger


  1. Yes, the only thing that appears to work against these terrorists is even greater counter-terror:

    P.S. Thanks for posting my 20 points. Spread them around as much as possible. The more Joe Public gets to know about the Pedophile-Worshippers the more he'll understand what we're up against, despite the denial and cover-ups of our dhimmified MSM, academics and liberal politicians.

  2. Your "20 points" was brilliant. Thanks for it. It's so exasperating to hear the constant mantra about "moderate Muslims"....and the "Religion of Peace".

    Although, I think that last has become rather a joke all over the world given their recent behavior.

    Even those who don't pay attention got a serious dose of reality with the murders and riots over the Pope's speech. The ROPers lost a lot of credibility with that display. They are too stupid to know it of course, but they went from being threatening to ridiculous in an instant.

    And that is a good thing.